NFT Bazl Organizes MENA’s First-Ever NFT Art Exhibition in


Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, February 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-

NFT BAZL will collaborate with major art institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain to host cutting-edge exhibitions of local and international artists on the F1 weekend in Bahrain.

The two most famous art institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the RAK Art Foundation and the Dar Alfann Gallery, will host NFT MENA 2022 in partnership with the world’s leading boutique NFT Marketplace and exhibition organizer NFT BAZL. At the Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain on the Formula One weekend, March 16-18, 2022.

NFT MENA will be the first event of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions, providing a unique and innovative look to the rapidly evolving world’s art landscape, while at the same time providing a Web3 narrative for the “Internet of the Future”. I will promote it. The exhibition will also showcase the cultural relevance of digital art and the important potential of digital art and NFTs as a medium to promote intellectual awakening and investment opportunities.

according to Mr. Abdullah Man Almokura, Chairman of Dar Alfan Gallery: “First edition and annual event, this exhibition provides a coveted conversational platform for the decentralized future and the next stage of the Internet as we begin to explore blockchain and many aspects of it. We will try to reach an agreement between assets and a new frontier. It is a fusion of the world of technology, art, culture and economy. “

Event organizers emphasized that NFT MENA will be an educational experience that shows what NFTs are, how they work, and the opportunities they offer to the world of art, intellectuals and investment. did. About the exhibition itself NFTBAZL Co-founder Ori Ohayon When CEO Estelle Ohayon He said: “We are excited about the partnership between the RAK Art Foundation, the Dar Alfann Gallery, and our Ritz-Carlton partners, helping to showcase traditional art and local heritage, and NFT and blockchain-based. I can’t wait to raise awareness of the power and potential of art. “

“This exhibition also facilitates conversations about the role of artwork at the crossroads of traditional and modern worlds. We are pleased to be able to co-sponsor the event. Guests, partners, celebrity artists and local royalty. I can’t wait to welcome you to an unforgettable weekend. “

The exhibition will showcase the work of many internationally acclaimed NFT BAZL artists, as well as curated works by locally respected artists such as Leena Al Ayoobi and Adnan Al Ahmed. With 10 artists and 4 speakers adorning the exhibition headlines, guests can experience a workshop focused on 3 blockchains. Not to mention many prestigious partners and collaborators, 10 representatives from the world of art and technology will also participate.

The Rak Art Foundation and Dar Alfann Gallery are equipped with NFT BAZL to leverage the team’s industry expertise and ensure that the exhibition presents the crossroads of physical and digital art in the best light. NFT BAZL is a recognized leader in this field, running the world’s leading boutique marketplace for investment grade digital assets and hosting three pioneering exhibitions before NFT MENA.

The first NFT BAZL was held in June 2021 at the famous Temple House in Miami. 500 guests arrived and enjoyed a famous live performance, watching over 100 unique physical and digital artwork, including the exclusive NFT of boxing’s great Floyd Mayweather Jr. International DJ.

NFT BAZL then partnered with Binance and Decentraland to bring more memorable moments to NFT enthusiasts, both directly and in the Metaverse, with great success at the latest event at the SLS Hotel in Miami last November. I did.

About RAK Art Foundation

The RAK Art Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering artists around the world by providing opportunities, promoting cross-cultural collaboration and interaction, and promoting international partnerships.

Through a comprehensive and accessible open recruitment program, the RAK Art Foundation aims to engage with the community and educate the general public, providing a platform for critical discourse and social dialogue. The RAK Art Foundation advocates the development of initiatives related to innovation and sustainability and believes in the need for such efforts to drive change and progress. The RAK Art Foundation is located in a renovated traditional Bahraini home where Rashid Al Khalifa was raised.

About Dar Alfan

Based in Bahrain, Dar Alfann is a boutique company specializing in the creation of art and artwork that tells the traditional heritage of the Gulf Arabic countries. Founded in 2014, the company has worked with local and international agencies to create its own bespoke products and projects. In addition, Dar al Fann is a consultant in art, curation and content development for businesses and individuals.


NFT BAZL bridges physical assets and blockchain, enabling collectors and creators to experience a new generation of investment-qualified NFTs through boutique marketplaces and face-to-face events. The company uses its unique technology, exclusive partnerships and global exhibitions to educate viewers on how NFTs can help the world of art. The team has held three pioneering exhibitions, exhibiting more than $ 10 million in artwork for thousands of guests, and plans several exhibitions starting with NFTMENA in 2022. increase.

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