NFT Spotlight: Big Cats NFT, it’s Got Some Big Some Great Artists Bringing Cats to Life in the Metaverse


Today’s NFT spotlight is at the Big Cats NFT, which started in February (February 2nd to be exact) and is in control of some Marvel artists.

According to their Discord, “famous artists Ricardo Cesar and Enrique Mateo-Sagasta will use their knowledge and experience in major studios to bring unprecedented projects to the NFT space after a few weeks of work. These artists have been working on Marvel movies, Avengers, Spider-Man, When ThorMarvel’s animation project together.

Let me tell you a little more about the two artists behind the project.

RICARDO CESAR RIBEIRO the Avengers. Thor. fast and furious. Aquaman. If you’ve seen these forces of nature, you’ve probably seen Ricardo’s work. It is no exaggeration to say that Ricardo is responsible for some of the most culturally important tasks of the 21st century. And now he’s paying a lot of attention to the production of big cats. Ricardo is proud to agree to create the Big Cat collection in all of its most distinctive poses, personalities and characters, in line with its barbaric instincts and the powerful features of the Big Cat.

ENRIQUE MATEO-SAGASTA Enrique is trusted to work on culturally changing projects such as Star Wars, X-Men and Men in Black. His work is both impressive and detailed, and his artistry brings quality to the Big Cat that makes it possible to attract awe and jealousy throughout the Metaverse. Enrique enhances the ferocity of his artwork, creating an even more impressive and engaging big cat. If you own one of Enrique’s Big Cats, you can walk with confidence knowing that your avatar is infinitely better than any other NFT that exists.

The NFT project quickly boasted hundreds of thousands of members. But why is this project special or different from the next one? Apart from the artwork, this NFT seems to extend to the Metaverse. However, there isn’t much information about that utility or any kind of roadmap. However, purely based on the number of NFTs and the number of members of Discord, they all seem to be created before any kind of public sale.

The Big Cats NFT whitelist is currently full, with 350 spots remaining and will be drawn in the near future. However, that information will not be disclosed and you will need to participate in Discord.

We are all-in to the Big Cats NFT (we look forward to one of these raffle whitelist spots!). Check out some of the works of art below! Happy big cat hunting everyone!

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