NFTglee Partners With John Salley To Launch The Spark Network Built On Bitcoin; Celebrity NFT Market Set To Explode

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John salley And bitcoin

“Bitcoin is free. In the constant search for ways to empower ourselves and all our friends, we have come to the conclusion that true ownership of our work is essential. The non-alternative tokens built are the basis of that opportunity. “

“We’ve found the key to unlocking consumer media and content models directly, not the obstacles of intermediaries and the entertainment industry. This technology offers incredible benefits and value to both consumers and creators. Offer. And more and more creators are starting. To see it. “

“I am very excited to be a pioneer in regaining our work, content, names and ownership, and Bitcoin is a rail that allows us to connect directly with the general public. I can’t wait to show everyone what’s coming! “- John salley, 4 NBA Champions, Media Personality, Wellness Advocate.

Soaring names, images, and similarities NFTs

NFTglee’s newly hired media and entertainment president, Jonah Hart, Agree to the surge in NFTs related to content and media across the industry.

“The value proposition for artists and their fans is unprecedented. I think 2022 will be a wave of mass adoption of NFTs throughout the music and creator economy, where labels and brands scramble to catch up. Ability of artists to go It is powerful to communicate directly to consumers with very good value propositions. John salley And while his network is at the forefront here, we believe (and have already seen) a wave of people like him ready to follow in his footsteps. “

“Effects” of SPRK network and Bitcoin

Building on Bitcoin continues to gain mindshare within the celebrity and influencer community. Take advantage of Spark Network John salley Not only is he quite talented; he also has the ability to tell his celebrity colleagues a story that allows them to be freed from the captivity of the media conglomerate, which has no artist’s greatest interest.

SPRK Network — Launched with John’s partners. Greg Romano, Ross mark, And Dr. Dan Latner — This is the first of its kind. A new streaming network built solely on Bitcoin to unleash the rights of freedom that media conglomerates have acquired over decades. Celebrity tokens will now be associated with “NIL” (name, image, portrait) rights rather than unfair and upside-down contracts. Hollywood For too long. SPRK network launched upon 2/22/22 Includes channels on physical and mental health, sports, cryptocurrencies, education, documentaries, comedy specials, original shows and movies.

“The SPRK network aims to connect one-on-one with consumers and fans, unlike what is done in the media. Artists have complete control over their work, revenue and how they interact with them. It’s been removed here and it’s very exciting. “- John salley, 4 NBA Champions, Media Personality, Wellness Advocate.

Specifically, the SPRK network issues NFT tokens directly to consumers, providing these individuals with unprecedented direct access to celebrities, artists, creators, and their content. Podcasts, AMAs, reality TV series, concerts, appearances, experiences, events-all facilitated by SPRK network tokens and a set of tokens.

“We are passionate about providing creators and artists of all genres with access to all their values. No more friction, brokers or high costs. In many ways, this is” Bitcoin is the actual application of “Fixing this”-the well-known phrase in the Bitcoin community.We are pleased to be a partner John salley, Was the voice of financial freedom in many areas. “

“We are very impressed with his enthusiasm and energy to unleash incredible opportunities for his friends and colleagues throughout the media and entertainment. 2022 was built on Bitcoin. It will be a big year for NFT. “- Tillman Hollowway, CEONF Tglee.

about John salley: Proud native Brooklyn, NY, John found a love for basketball at an early age.He accepted a basketball scholarship Georgia Institute of Technology Play for the legendary head coach Bobby Clemins.. He had great success in the NBA with the Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. After cutting the NBA sneakers, Sally was successful in the media.

Best Damn Sports Show Period and E! entertainment. Sally is passionate about health and wellness, practices a vegan lifestyle and is known as a seasoned chef.

About NFTglee: NFTglee specializes in artists, unique personalities, social media influencers, partnerships and collaborations with brands, and is an exclusive limited edition of high quality digital and physical art built on the Bitcoin blockchain. Bring the NFT collection to market.

NFTglee’s NFT collection is exclusive to our platform and is available through our partners. We believe in a value-driven model of digital access combined with luxury goods, experiences, and physical possessions, much like we value digital access as standalone.

About SPRK network: The SPRK Network is a new streaming network whose main mission is the reality of the world, whether in the form of financial freedom, awareness and advocacy of mental health, or content that gives creators full voice and control. It’s about promoting targeted and meaningful change. About their project. The SPRK network was formed by John salley, With his partner, Greg Romano (TV and film producer / editor / graphic designer), Ross mark (Long-time producer of The Tonight Show), and Dr. Dan Latner (Internationally known chronic pain and symptoms specialist).


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