NFTs of cereal boxes sell out in 24 hours


After the success of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, the new NFT collection became a hot topic. This is Cereal Club. Illustrations of small colorful cereal bowls are big new in the NFT world and we like their look.

The serial club sold out its 10,000 NFT whitelist collection just 24 hours after the public auction sold out. Be careful about success. This is because the original Dutch auction price of 1 Ethereum has been reduced by 50%. This is how these auctions work, and prices go down until the buyer decides and participates. This contributed to sales, but hype. It was scheduled for public sale on February 17, but was canceled because the Cereal Club NFT collection was completely sold out. Is this a hip hijacking of NFTs?

Hipsters love cereals (or previously – Shoreditch had its own cereal cafe), but they’re probably at risk of NFTs. But Cereal Club is a new fad for NFT collectors who can be huge this year. If you’re confused about what an NFT is, read the guide. There is also a list of the biggest NFT trends in 2022.

Serial clubs are the latest NFT boom to sell out (Image credit: Serial club)

Serial Club NFT owners can view their own avatars on a physical serial box cover that is only available to club members. When the owner of a cereal club eats, sees his art, immerses himself in a box and collects virtual “treats,” the virtual and physical worlds mix. This is their unique exchangeable prize and AR experience.

The success of the serial club can be attributed to its fascinating and colorful illustrations, but also because this NFT functions as a proper club. 135 Ethereum from NFT sales is set aside to fund web3 and art projects that are close to the owner’s heart. Serial club owners can also vote for charitable donations made for the goodwill of the locals.

Vertex Week logo

Vertex Week starts on March 21st (Image credit: Future)

Want to know more about NFTs? Don’t miss Vertex Week 2022, the ultimate virtual event for the digital art community. Join Jace Kay, a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club to discuss the importance of music NFTs in 2022, and Chris Petrocchi, who shares how to promote NFTs in the right way.


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