NFTs representing thousands of sections of Klimt’s The Kiss sold for Valentine’s Day


If you’ve heard of Gustav Klimt, you’ve probably seen one of his most famous works, Kiss and Lover.

It’s a world-fascinating hug: couples wrapped in golden-decorated cloaks are obsessed with their love and are unaware of the cliffs they are standing on.

But now, in time for Valentine’s Day, people can own some of their artwork in the form of NFTs or non-fungible tokens.

NFTs are unique units of data and cannot be copied. The NFT contains a blockchain code that is unique to each image and acts as a proof of ownership.

“If you can visualize it, the photo behind me is 1.80mx 1.80m and is divided into grids,” explains Catalina Steinbresscher, director of communication and marketing at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, which houses the kisses. did.

“Each of these 10,000 pieces is 1.8 cm x 1.8 cm, which means that anyone who purchases a digital kiss NFT will be assigned one of these pieces.”

“You can’t choose whether the work is in the upper right corner, from the middle, or from the face,” Stein Brescher said.

“But each shows a different part of the photo, and each part of the photo is only displayed once, so each one is unique again.”

This is the first time that the Belvedere Palace Museum in Vienna has entered the NFT.

Other museums, such as the British Museum, where the digital postcards of Japanese artist Hokusai were recently released, have entered the world of NFTs, but Belvedere is the first in Austria.

A gift of 10,000 paintings, which may be a romantic alternative to flowers and chocolates, seems to be popular, but it costs more than € 1,800 per piece and is not cheap.

Kate Murphy, a British architecture student who visited Vienna, said, “I like the fact that everyone might be able to buy a small piece, but even on the internet, it’s so high quality that I don’t know if I’m feeling it. There is an image of. You must own that fragment. “

“Because I’m just educating myself about it, I feel like I already know and own that knowledge in some way, but I’m not sure if it’s a good investment opportunity or something. “

The Belvedere Palace is considered home to Gustav Klimt, who owns 24 works and one of Klimt’s sketchbooks. His monumental Beethoven Frieze is located in a Vienna Secession building.

But enthusiasts can offer Valentine’s Day as a gift for just a few of the iconic kisses.

The popularity and price of NFTs have skyrocketed in recent years. US-based artist Beeple broke the record in early 2021 when his Everyday: The First 5000 Days NFT was sold at Christie’s in London for around € 61.7 million.



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