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From Raphaela Rosella, series “When you feel it you will know it”. Winner of the 2021 firecracker grant. “A portrait of Tricia immersed in the Guidil River. I met Tricia and her family when I was a teenager. A community art organization brought us together. We were both participants at the time. “

Whitton and Rozella (2019)

Firecracker was founded in 2011 by Fiona Rogers to promote women working in photography through a variety of online features, networking opportunities and public events. In 2012, Firecracker launched the first Photographic Grant awarded to female or non-binary photographers to help complete documentary projects. To date, this grant has provided more than £ 20,000 to internationally worthy visual artists. Past winners include Diana Marcosian, Rafaela Roséra, Peyton Fulford, Heather Agipon and Yufan Lu. In 2017, Thames & Hudson announced “Firecrackers”. Female Photographers Now’is the epitome of over 30 contemporary lens-based female and non-binary artists, co-authored by Rogers and her longtime collaborator Max Houghton. Firecrackers recently created the annual Contribution Award. An opportunity to nominate and thank the hard-working professionals in the photography industry for helping artists create the space they need and support underrated artists. Announced on March 8th, International Women’s Day, 2022 winners included curators Taous Dahmani and Shoair Mavlian, author and editor Gem Fletcher, and artist and activist Maryam Wahid. In its 11th year, Firecracker continues to defend the work of women, female-identifying photographers and non-binary photographers internationally through online platforms, annual grants, social media channels and event programs. ..

Andrea Gjestvang / Panos Pictures

Women Photograph is a non-profit organization working to raise the voice of women and non-binary visual journalists around the world. The private database contains more than 1,300 independent documentary photographers based in more than 100 countries and is privately available to any commissioning editor or organization. Women Photograph also runs a series of project grants each year, a one-year mentorship program, and an annual skill-building workshop to collect data on employment and publishing statistics in the photojournalism industry. Our mission is to change the composition of the photojournalism community and ensure that it is as diverse as the communities that the industry’s leading storytellers want to represent. We believe that the work of inclusion and equity needs to be perfectly crossed, and we are committed to supporting and emphasizing photographers throughout the spectrum of all identities.


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