The concept of the project is based on Mark Gonzales Signature creature design, a fictional friend called Shmoo. Shmoo has 10,000 alter egos, each living in 10,000 different dimensions of time. The alter ego moved between the digital world and was finally discovered and resolved on the SOLANA blockchain.

The 10,000 alter ego represents the Shmoo variant. People who discover different dimensions can come across Schmoos with different rarities found only in that particular dimension. Whether Shmoo gets an extraordinary watch (super rare) or adopts Variant Pet, it all depends on fate. Find more that comes from Shmoo’s 10,000 dimensions.

Soulshift aims to combine the strengths of the two worlds of fashion and crypto. This first collaboration marks the beginning of a soul shift journey as a starting point for a world of greater opportunities with fashion brands, designers and artists.

“We live in a big change where art can last forever in the world of Web.3, and it’s a great honor to see such a big designer join this movement. That’s it. ” Owen Ho, Head of operations at Soulshift.io.

He later said, “Blockchain has given us the possibility to collect and store great items forever. The essence of distributed blockchain technology creates complete transparency from originators to collectors and is truly a force. One step closer to the artist who gives. “

Mentha released exclusively https://soulshift.io/

Release date: January 27, 2022

See below for more information.

discord: discord.gg/soulshift
Instagram: @soulshift.io
Twitter: @_ soulshift

about Hiroshi Fujiwara @hiroshifujiwara

Hiroshi Fujiwara Born in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. Sometimes referred to as the Godfather of Ura-Harajuku fashion, Fujiwara is a world-renowned streetwear designer, musician, prominent streetwear influencer, and founder of Fragment Design. Other ventures include THUNDERBOLT PROJECT and THE CONVENI. During Fujiwara’s career, he has collaborated with world-renowned brands in several industries, including: Louis Vuitton, BVLGARI, Maserati, Moncler, Sacai, Nike, Beats by Dre.

about Mark Gonzales

Known as the most influential skateboarder in history, Mark Gonzales It’s not just about riding a skateboard — he teeth skateboard. Countless skateboarders also make art, but no other skateboarder is synonymous with art. Mark Gonzales.. “Gons” is more than just making art, he teeth art. Effortlessly, he simply doesn’t know the other way. Like his skates, Mark’s art is pure, free-flowing, innocent, incomplete, spontaneous, simple, and relevant — it contains many.

About SoulShift @soulshift.io

SoulShift is a community-centric, transparent NFT lunchpad that works with leading artists / designers and celebrities to launch unique digital NFT merchandise on the Solana blockchain at minimal casting costs. With a basic passion for art and fashion, SoulShift is a family of like-minded individuals, collectors and curators who share common goals and interests within the NFT space.

Source SoulShift



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