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NOOBPUNKS is the second release from the NOOBS team and has emerged as a way to provide the community with a fun new collectable project and a brand (punk) that is clearly recognizable in a NOOBS way.

  • 10:00 AM .04 / 10,000

  • Free billing window February 12

  • Pre-sale February 14th

  • General February 15th

NFT Culture Community members are eligible to participate in the whitelist. You need to fill out this form and actively tackle the discord. WL finishes in 12 hours:


What is unique about this project?

NOOBS remains a project dedicated to expanding space and helping new collectors onboard to web3. Through the team’s NOOBBOOSTERS program, they have already delivered over 150 NFTs to first-time collectors, all of which are community member IRL contacts. With NOOBPUNKS, the team aims to take the next step in the growth of the community. Few visuals symbolize the NFT space as much as punk, but there are countless derivatives, but NOOBPUNKS, like punk, is a derivative of NOOBS, a true hybrid rather than a common derivative.

What is the size of the team and its role?

The team is led by Sven (Chief NOOB Officer) and The Big Mike (Chief NOOB Artist). The team is also fortunate to get the support of two balanced groups of developers. COBA Labs will continue to work on the original NOOBS development and continue to support the project, but with additional support from the NFT Culture Development Team for the release of NOOBPUNKS.
How much is it?
NOOBPUNKS is offered to existing NOOB holders as a free bill (plus gas) and is generally available through sales at 0.04 ETH (plus gas).

What is mint size?
The maximum mint size is 10k. If the project does not reach the maximum amount within a reasonable period of time, we will discontinue the sale and lower the collection limit.
Is there a mechanism I should know?

NOOBPUNKS holders will also receive a companion NFT (along with NOOBS holders) when the team releases a third installment payment from NOOBVERSE. Pets arrive in the second quarter via NOOBZOO!

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