Norm Architects designs spa-like dental clinic modelled on art galleries

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Warm oak and smooth concrete are one of the materials used by Danish studio Norm Architects to create the interior of this Antwerp dental surgery aimed at countering traditional, more clinical designs.

The clinic, called Dentology +, extends to the basement and ground floor levels of the cave. Both are covered with a neutral material palette designed to make you feel calm.

The dental clinic was designed to go against traditional medical interiors

The basement of a private dental office consists of a dusty gray corridor designed by Copenhagen-based Norm Architects to make the room look like it was carved from a block of concrete.

These concrete volumes are interrupted only by carefully selected minimal design elements, such as the geometric alcove, simplified black pendant lights, and circular artwork in rustic shades by Sara Martinsen. increase.

Basement by Norm Architects
A spongy basement defines half of surgery

There is also a low sofa in the basement, finished in bright textiles, designed by Keiji Ashizawa, a longtime collaborator of Norm Architects, for the Japanese brand Ariake.

“The need to live and retreat intimately is a basic human requirement that we cannot reject when shaping a living space,” Gnome Architects co-founder Jonas Biele Paulsen told Dezeen. Told.

Circular artwork and sofa
Circular artwork by Sara Martinsen hangs on a low sofa

The upper levels of Dentology + are designed to be brighter and more airy than the basement, while maintaining the clinic’s overall neutral theme.

The Light Oak Cube is a design inspired by the interior of the art gallery, creating walls and doors dotted with objects, including pebbles-like vases, on the pedestal.

The windows of the operating room are lined with translucent curtains.

According to architect Sofie Thorning, the choice to design the interior of Dentology + using materials that are considered rare in medical spaces was made to improve patient health.

“In many ways, we turned to more beautiful spa resorts than classic white dental clinics for inspiration,” she told Dezeen.

Interior by Norm Architects
The operating room is inside a bright oak wall

“The translucency of the material and the soft, warm light combined with the carefully crafted material reshapes the patient’s experience and perception,” she added. “This space is not like a normal dental clinic.”

“What we have around us has a great impact on our mood and behavior, so the use of natural materials in architecture and design enriches our surroundings and enhances our quality of life. It’s an easy way, “added Bjerre-Poulsen.

Afteroom chair
Afteroom chair with Menuspace function on the upper floors

Founded in 2008, Norm Architects is a Copenhagen-based interdisciplinary design studio. Other projects with practice celebrating a neutral and soothing interior include a minimalist Chinese tea parlor and a Copenhagen jewelery store inspired by the studios of modernist artists.

Photo by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

Project credit:

Architect & Partner: Sophie Sonning
architect: Ye Qing
client: Dentistry +

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