Norman Reedus Keeps Fueling Speculation With New Fan Art

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Norman Reedus really, really, really wants to be a ghost rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.A few days later Bundock Saints The alumni fueled speculation about potential casting as a spirit of revenge, and Reeders shared more fan art about what he would look like as a character. On Monday night, the actor shared a link to a popular fan art featuring the actor in that role.

The work itself was originally created by Instagrammer @ mizuriau, released last year, and was the main responsibility of fans campaigning for actors to take on that role. Please see below.

To date, Ghost Rider has been live-action by two different actors. Nicolas Cage, a pair of Sony movies, and Gabriel Luna in a short stint of Agents of Shield. When talking to Luna earlier this year, he was interested in returning to the character if the story was correct.

“I try to stay at that moment. This is interesting. It’s the first time I remember that experience when talking to you. You never say no. You always say it’s a story. I say I’ll come back to you, “said Luna at the time.

“If that’s a great story and it makes sense, and if you still feel the feeling of reading for Jed and Mo on the first day with Sara Finn, it’s a few years ago. It was, like breathing, that’s what I felt in the character before, and then absolutely. “

“That’s what I liked about Felipe [Smith]The actor concluded, “His writing was the soulful nature of Robbie as this intelligent youth.” So I like about this particular ghost rider and it all comes from the lobby and only him … I always in interviews it’s love for his family and love for his brothers in superpowers Yes, that’s what gives him the ability to hold back his fiery head. “

Blaze can be seen on both Ghost rider When Ghost Rider: Spirit of Bengens, Streaming on Hulu.

Who would you like to play the Spirit of Bengens?Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section or by Hit writer @AdamBarnhardt on Twitter to chat everything about the MCU!!


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