Now in Delhi you can experience an art exhibition through NFTs


Techné Disruptors is an art exhibition exhibiting art in the form of non-fungible tokens or NFTs, co-sponsored by the India Art Fair 2022 at the India Habitat Center in New Delhi until May 6th.

Supported by the American Center and the Cultural Center of the Italian Embassy, ​​the show features more than 10 cutting-edge tech forward pioneers and digital native artists from India and the Global South. The show is curated by cultural curator and producer Myna Mukherjee.

The show features world-renowned artists such as Ragava KK, Hersit Agrawar, Rochel Nembad, Jema Shepherd, Sea Macoli, Adil B. Khan, Min Atile, Babakhagi, Dr. Mandakini Devi, Nandita Kumar, Satadol Sovan and Shirosive Sleman. It features the works of artists. A fearless group.

Artist-Harshit Agrawal

The curator said Business today“Techné Disruptors feature works imagined in today’s most futuristic technologies, including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, holographic, and the new Global South NFT mint collection.”

She further explains that the show has themes such as urbanism, postcolonial art, and futurism. She states: Art, anthropology as a global discourse, unique techniques, and future aesthetics of the future. “

Artist-Adil Khan

Mukerjee explained that the art exhibited at the exhibition touches on each aspect of our modern existence. “Techné Disruptors’ work casts doubt on the past, present, and social space, private, public, internal, market, and imaginary things that we navigate in our daily lives. I will. “

When asked what she thinks about the artwork on display, Mukelzy said: Social norms, critiques of consumer culture, and imagination of feminist substitute reality. In summary, these works hinder expectations, destabilize customs, and invite visitors to gain a deeper understanding of how artists challenge norms and push boundaries through destructive behaviour. “

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