Nuvolari Lenard Presents Centerfold of the Century, a Sustainable, High-Speed Dream

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Centerfold is the name of the concept and was specially created to democratize the enjoyment of superyachts by challenging the status quo and inspiring everyone engaged in it. These are to say that everyone, including the majority of us who never dreamed of owning a superyacht of this size (or any other size), is welcomed by the experience of seeing it. It’s a fancy word.

To that end, Creation Studio, which credits iconic ship designs such as Black Pearl, Enzo, NORD, Seven Seas, Nero and Quoaottroelle, has invited photographer and storyteller Jarmo Pohjaniemi into the design process. Most studios present their own concepts, but Nuvolari Lenard created the designs and renderings and asked Pohjaniemi to conceptualize them like supermodels.

The result is an impressive gallery that not only makes Centerfold look more realistic, but also farmersOrdinary people who engage in it visually and emotionally. This is the first in the world of superyachts and, according to Nuvolari Lenard, helps blur the line between yacht design and art. “Ultimately, not only the owner of the yacht, but anyone who sees the image can enjoy it.”

Flashy stories aside, Centerfold is astounding. It was named this way because it seems to be a supermodel that is the centerpiece of printed magazines, and it sets it apart from other magazines. Nuvolari Lenard does it “Center of the century” In part, it’s a normal boastful and accurate expression. When the Centerfold is built, it will be one of the largest superyachts in the world, both in length and volume. Based on the proposed research, it is also one of the most versatile and high performance platforms, a dream gorgeous toy for millionaires on the market.

With a size of 202 meters (663 feet), the centerfold offers a large internal volume of 16,800 GT and is fully customizable. The design studio doesn’t say anything about the number of decks or the size of the guest party, but it’s no exaggeration to say that everything on board will be scaled up based solely on these numbers. Being a superyacht prepared for luxury and leisure, it’s suitable for everything from large parties at anchors to long-term leisure cruises and adventures around the world.

The Centerfold features a high-strength steel and aluminum hull and superstructure, with a visually striking sharp silhouette designed for speed and efficiency. To get started, the design studio imagines a superyacht with different propulsion systems, depending on the owner and his budget and exact needs.Whatever the propulsion system you choose, we will also use Centerfold “The latest technology to achieve environmentally friendly low emissions according to the demands of the surroundings, or incredible speeds when needed.” The studio says.

No details are provided, but the rare numbers revealed are striking pictures. For example, in stealth mode, Centerfold is completely zero-emission and fully electric, making it suitable for cruising in tightly regulated or endangered areas. In high-speed mode, the superyacht features a total of 100,000 hp from a diesel engine, with a top speed of 35 knots. According to the studio, anything between these two variations is possible. We may add it provided that money is not an issue.

Since this is just a survey, details of the internal layout have not been revealed, except for some renderings of the gallery above. Undoubtedly, Centerfold is aimed at fun and relaxation, standard with a bow heliport, a luxurious infinity pool and behind a partially covered lounge, a spacious beach club, and various outdoor areas for entertainment. Equipment is equipped. Ultimately, the choice of adding more is up to the owner and all the uses they envision for this dream superyacht.

And that’s certainly a dream. As photographer Pohjaniemi says “Centerfold is a great playground and, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful superyachts ever designed. She’s not the centerpiece of the month, but the centerpiece of the century. It’s the main attraction.” The first step to realizing a dream is to visualize it.


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