“Often hyperbolic and satirical”, Salomé Trezise crafts intricate narratives through her photography


However, although Salome still sometimes works with an important camera, these days he mainly shoots with the iPhone. Salome enjoys the sense of immediacy that shooting on her iPhone gives her. In short, she adds, “you can shoot, edit, and take the final image on the same day.” If I can create images of a certain standard at any time, I would like to be able to create images 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ” Self-portrait 1, One of her iPhone creations is my personal favorite because “I’ve never been back to create it.” make. “The portrait of Salome sitting on a stool and wrapped in plastic cellophane was inspired by various lockdowns in 2020. […] I felt suffocated by all these rules and regulations and was urged to create something that would make that feeling stand out. “

Interestingly, when talking about her current influence, Salome tells us that she is most influenced by packaging. Salome has about 200 random product images posted on her mobile phone, inspired by “selection of colors, images and typefaces”. “I love the aesthetic that sometimes I can’t put together almost awkward ads well.” This crafting sensation and over-staging images are best explored in part of Salome’s ongoing series. Dysfunctional family, “The chaos and beauty of family life, and the ode to how it shapes us and how we grow.” In the photo, mothers and fathers are surprised when their son accidentally crushes a large cake. .. Given the flashy style, flashy 70’s background, and subjects that collide with retro clothing, photos tend to be old ads for carpet cleaners. With her clear insights, staging and direction, Salome creates an insanely perceptual, satirical and humorous image full of layers and vibrant action.

On the contrary, about each part of Dysfunctional family, Salome aims to “create a new aesthetic that enhances the story and enables the series to continue to evolve.” In a photo of two boys and their father, Salome provides the audience with a beautiful and delicate depiction of family ties. “Ode to a single father,” she says. Salome wants to challenge the “negative implications and stereotypes” given to black fathers through photography. Salome, performed in a laundromat with a simple, calm color scheme and plain clothes, is drawing attention to her appearance. The two boys sat on the machine and their dad was quietly looking at the camera. They share relaxing and meditative moments in the calm of everyday work.

“To feel more rooted [her] “Heritage”, Salome also explores her own family and culture directly through her series. Senegal Fever. This series came about when I traveled to Europe in 2021. Upon arriving in Milan, she said, “I was delighted and surprised to see many beautiful and friendly faces in unknown territories,” after noticing that Milan had a very large population of Senegal. .. Salome wanted to pay homage to “people’s heat and liveliness” and aimed for “fiery bright” aesthetics. Salome is an eccentric and supersaturated editing style that gives male subjects red eyes and a red forehead as an “exaggerated visual translation of Senegalese fever.” And certainly, due to this extraordinary high contrast effect, the end result is very visually impressive. With such motivation, determination, and extraordinary creative eyes, there is no doubt that Salome is destined for greatness.


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