Oklahoma wedding photographer accused of ‘ghosting’ following ceremonies

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Oklahoma City (KFOR) – Weddings are considered one of the happiest days of your life. However, the newlyweds have reached out to News 4 in large numbers, claiming that local photographers have dried them high on the altar and have barely been able to show them since the big day.

Shooting the perfect wedding is an art and has a lot of support from local photographer Lindsey Nichole.

“Her flyer was a little sticking out to me,” said Candace Crus. “”[She] The price was good so I contacted her. “

“I clicked on her page and liked her work,” added Kelsey Portillo.

“Her photos were beautiful and affordable,” said Callie Maddox. “So I was like,’OK, yeah, let’s do it.’ “

Candice, Kelsey and Curry had weddings at various times in 2021.

They paid $ 1,200 to $ 2,100 for Lindsey’s service, respectively, and said the photographers delivered quickly and punctually in the early shoots.

“The engagement shoot went well,” Kelsey said. “She sent me a photo back within two weeks. She was pretty quick about it.”

“We have scheduled an engagement photo,” Candice said. “The turnaround times were great. I got them back very quickly.”

But for souvenirs from the big day, all three say the delivery was a hit or miss.

“I only have a photo of the reception right now,” Kelsey said, but she has received more photos since our interview.

“She told me 6-8 weeks,” said Curry, who got married in April. “Then, after eight weeks of marking, I sent her a text message: What’s wrong?”

KFOR has been investigating Lindsey Nichole for some time. Business complaints have been on the In Your Corner hint line for months.

Searching for information about Lindsey’s business is because it is not listed in the state.

Google entries for businesses that were full of bad reviews have disappeared.

When News 4 visited, her previous studio in Bethany was tightly trapped as a small claim lawsuit was taped to the front door for unpaid rent.

Another local photographer, Erica Valadaz, recently rented out studio space for two sessions.

“”[Lindsey] I actually sent a text message to me two hours before I was supposed to meet my client here. Then I told me that the landlord was changing the key to the building, “Erica explained. She said, “I had to book another studio to serve my clients, which ended up costing twice as much.”

Lindsey promised Erica a refund, but it hasn’t continued to this day.

“I sent her a text message, but there was no response. I sent a refund request,” she said. “She blocked me on Venmo.”

News 4 tried to reach Lindsey at her house, but had no luck.

No phone was returned, no text or Instagram message was returned.

Lindsey, however, may flirt with state tax evasion. In addition to digital copy, the couple we talked to was set up to receive physical prints.

Some customers have also signed up for personalized flash drives.

“My contract was to receive a custom engraved USB with 30 prints,” Candice said. “It was supposed to come in the personalized box I believe in.”

Digital copies are fine, but the State Tax Commission states that physical items and photos in News 4 are “subject to sales and usage taxes” and that failure to pay can result in fines.

Cassandra Sweetman, Commission’s Public Relations and Press Liaison Officer, sent the following statement to News 4.

“Fee related to the sale of digital photos and videos transferred electronically under the Oklahoma Control Code (OAC 710: 65-19-260) is not subject to sales and usage tax. Tangible along with related services. Photos delivered in format are subject to sales and usage taxes. Failure to file a declaration will start at 10% of the tax and interest will be 15% of the tax each year. “

CASSANDRA SWEETMAN, Press, State Tax Commission

The customer News 4 spoke to received some of the photos, but they all say it’s just a small part of what they thought they were paying for.

In addition, some online claim that they were all abandoned together without receiving anything.

“It’s very frustrating. I’ve given up trying to get something from her anymore,” Curry said. “I hope no one else hires her.”

In Your Corner’s revenue, reviews are the lifeline of such a service. Consumers should check as many websites as possible, including complaints to the Better Business Bureau.

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