Old Observatory House: The Edinburgh landmark saved from ruin to help support Scots contemporary art

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Edinburgh’s landmark, which has dominated the skyline for centuries, has undergone a £ 400,000 renovation and will open as a luxury villa after being saved from the ruins.

The 18th-century old observatory house at the top of Calton Hill in Edinburgh is considered one of the best examples of architecture by James Craig, once the home of prominent astronomers and designer of Edinburgh New Town. ..

Prior to the renovation between 2007 and 2010, it was once on the register of historic Scottish risky buildings.

Today, architects and artists have “reconsidered” the three-story, eight-bedroom building built in 1776 as a unique hilltop retreat.

The city-owned building, which has been owned by the city since the late 19th century, has become available for short vacation stays at Collective, the center of contemporary art in Calton Hill. All the profits generated will be used directly to support the charity’s mission to bring people around new art.

The historic building is complemented by contemporary style and new artwork commissioned by some of Scotland’s most exciting artists today, including Rachel Adams, Thomas H.son, Rabiya Choudhry and Christian Newby.

The well-equipped kitchen designed by Aitchson is inspired by the iconic silhouette of the Scottish National Monument. A monument to Scottish soldiers and sailors who died in the Napoleonic Wars. Meanwhile, Ms. Adams created a new textile and lighting piece for her master bedroom, and Ms. Choudhry created a new wallpaper based on the history of starry sky observation.

Newbie’s mission complements these with a series of new murals in the dining room of the house.

Building Restoration Leading Buildings-Natural finishes, Harris Tweed accessories, Russo stones, sandstone, wool, leather, rich walnut and brass accents complement the artist’s request.

Houses with views of Arthur’s Seat, medieval old town and castle, Georgian new town, Leith Harbor and Firth of Forth are now available.

We also welcome artists visiting the collective as part of an international art commission program from artists who have never published their work in Scotland.

Sibourne Carroll, Interim Director of the Collective, said:

“The Observatory House is one of the few extant buildings designed by James Craig and a great place for artists to join. It’s a famous landmark in Edinburgh and a walled complex of the Calton Hill Observatory. The oldest building in the facility. Architecturally and culturally important in the history of the city and country. The observatory house renovation is the last part of a fully developed site and has a collective charity vision. I will support you.

Herald Scotland:

“The concept of art and the lens for artists to look at the city and understand that it is there has a long history in Calton Hill.

“We are working towards a prosperous and creative society in which artists inspire new perspectives, questions and ways of thinking through art. Part of this is how artists and their works work. It’s an effort to incorporate art into everything we do to get involved and show how we can change. Everyday life. ”

Originally built as a family home, it was briefly used by astronomers as an old observatory until William Playfair built a nearby city observatory building in 1818.

It was previously refurbished and offered as a vacation by the Vivat Trust, which rescued an abandoned and dilapidated listed building.

However, it went bankrupt in 2015 and threatened to endanger many architecturally and historically important buildings, including the Oude Sterrewach.

However, the collective, which operates other historic buildings, almost agreed to rent an Oude Sterrewach house until 2044.

Emma Fairhurst of Collective Architecture said: “”

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