old stone walls show through glass panes of a studio by martin rajniš

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Small timber studio

Known for its towering observatory and monumental installation, czechstudio huťarchitekturymartinrajniš (HAMR) is now announcing its small “studio on the river”. Located between a group of stone houses, the wooden frame and lightweight glass construction counteract the weight and rust of the surroundings overlooking the Sázava River.

The design team takes advantage of the old stone wall because the small studio is adjacent to the old stone wall. The texture of the stone is expressed through bright glass walls on both sides, adding a layer of material depth and a visual connection to the site. This strategy also helps to celebrate the warmth of the sun — glazing allows natural sunlight to flood its interior, while the stone walls over there absorb heat and release it late in the evening. ..

Image courtesy of HAMR

Architecture born from thoughtful solutions

Designing a studio on the river, the huťarchitekturymartinrajniš (HAMR) team (see here for details) makes the most of their limited space and budget. The lightness of the structure is a direct result of this cost concern, with the use of 180 x 30 mm spruce lumber profiles. The stone wall integration enhances the interior experience while minimizing both energy and material usage.

The architect tells designboom:’For us, signs of natural architecture include volatility, internal and neighboring countries, natural material choices, and structural lightness related to price.

martinrajniš studio

Structure by martin rajniš

huťarchitekturymartin rajniš (HAMR) focuses on the structure of the studio above the river. The beams are doubled at the joints and bolted at the corners through the panel points of the plywood. Below the house is an area with utility connections. The wooden frame is set in a pair of hot galvanized I profiles, with both walls and ceiling glazed. The team said: “I’m in a clean house, but I think it’s still best to be careful.”

This glazing is made up of a single pane reinforced with sliding insulation panels. The side walls can be covered with insulation from the outside. Ceiling insulation slides inside the double roof cavity. Ishigaki has a high heat accumulation rate. You can use the heat stored during the day to warm the area at night. In the summer, the entire roof can be covered with perforated textiles, and relatively cold air from under the house can be used to ventilate the interior using the chimney effect through the holes in the floor.

martinrajniš studio martinrajniš studio martinrajniš studio

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