Oluseyi Asurf hosts first of its kind NFT art exhibition

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Launching a crowdfunding campaign for his new movie, Three Cold Dishes, its game expansion, eight-part television show, and accompanying music-Asurf aims to bring the power of storytelling to the dark world of trafficking. increase. Help raise awareness and fund the fight against it. But that’s not all.

At the launch event, a prestigious digital art exhibition at Jewel Aida in Recce, Lagos, guests were introduced to the franchise characters, their tribes and powers, and Abidemi’Babaolowo’ Oderinlo was some of the avatars themselves. A richer sample than the real thing (a small part of the collection of 7,775 unique NFTs) was displayed in a row of low-lying cubes covered by a screen.

In a question-and-answer session moderated by Sun Okegbemiro, Asaf spoke lengthly in response to questions about the origin and cause of his commitment to the film (sparks were trafficked during a road trip through West Africa). Came from a real encounter with a person), the project’s revenue sharing ideology. (NFT holders have signed ownership and transfer rights to avatars on the Ethereum blockchain) Also, the project will give 40% of its revenue to organizations working on the recovery and rehabilitation of trafficking survivors. Why and how you are aiming to donate.

Other speakers during the night include award-winning photographer, virtual reality artist, and founder of the revolving art incubator, Jumoke Sanwo, where the intersection of blockchain technology and non-alternative tokens makes both artists The need to define how technology is used to shape and share ideas, not just adopted by collectors and African creatives who have mentioned the rare opportunities they bring.

Michael Antwi of Martian Network, a peer-to-peer marketplace for digital art and content, and Sola Matthew of Make Me Elegant Foundation, an NGO working to recover from trafficked victims, have joined forces on the future of digital collaboration and trafficking, respectively. fight.

Famous faces in the audience included Tude Hideonwo, decorated actor and director Kunle Afolayan, and famous trend spotters from various disciplines.


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