One Piece Cover Art Brings Color to Luffy’s Gear Fifth Form

One Piece Cover Art Brings Color to Luffy’s Gear Fifth Form

one pieceWano Saga is nearing the end with manga, but the anime series is still adapting one of the series’ biggest battles to date. While the television series is catching up, one of the most important moments in Luffy’s life is approaching. Gear Fifth is aiming to appear on a small screen soon, and you can see Luffy’s most powerful full-color makeover with new cover art.

In the course of Eiichiro Oda’s epic swashbuckler series, Luffy has achieved four transformations given to him through hard work and the wild abilities of the Devil Fruit. In the battle with Kaido, Giafifs emerged thanks to the revelation that his Devil Fruit was actually part of the mythical Zoan’s edible line, giving Luffy the power of the sun god Nika. In this new form, Luffy effectively becomes a living cartoon, increasing multiple sizes while converting random materials into rubber-like substances, pulling lightning bolts out of the sky and throwing them at enemies. Can carry out the feats of. As Gear Fifth approaches the adaptation of anime, Toei Animation is undoubtedly cutting out their work for them with Luffy’s new technology.

Twitter user Eten Boby shared the first look at Volume 103. One piece The manga not only renews the color of Luffy’s Gear Fifth, but also introduces Kaido and the worst generation of Law and Kid in a hybrid format.

After a one-month hiatus, Eiichiro Oda has recently returned to a manga masterpiece, promising that the current story will be the “final arc” of the series. Mangaka, who has been franchising for over 20 years at this point, has promised to leave everything on the table, and it’s not surprising to see more of Luffy’s Gear Fifth makeover on the last trip of the Straw Hat Pirates. .. Pirate.

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