Oneseo Choi: Wallpaper* Next Generation 2022

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Industrial materials that inspire Oneseo Choi’s furniture collection

Our next-generation 2022 showcase highlights 22 talented graduates from around the world in seven creative areas. Here, we would like to introduce Oneseo Choi, a furniture designer who graduated from Hanyang University in South Korea.

Designer Choi Oneso is from Suwon, an industrial city in South Korea, and remembers growing up surrounded by skyscrapers and construction sites. This is a repetitive view that shaped his approach to aesthetics and design.

“The main inspiration for my work comes from its relationship with nature, especially to me, where nature is perceived as a building or construction site in the industrial city where I grew up,” he explains. “Due to this effect, industrial materials are used as the main material in my work.”

“Pattern of Industry” furniture series by Oneseo Choi

As a student of the Techno Products Design Course at Hanyang University in Seoul, Hee-seop Choi developed a series of works inspired by the industrial environment in which he grew up for two years. The “Pattern of Industry” series consists of furniture designs such as benches, vases, lamps, chairs, tables and multipurpose structures such as pedestals.

This collection is a demonstration of Choi Hee-seop’s approach to design. His work begins with exploring the physical and aesthetic properties of the material, from which it develops its functions and shapes.

The work of “Pattern of Industry” is made from an aluminum profile (often displayed in combination of colored materials of yellow, blue and black, or in combination of glass and wood) with the structure of furniture. Used for both surface construction and decoration. The edge is the starting point for a unique pattern that runs the collection.

Designers explain that modular furniture design transforms aluminum elements used throughout industrial lands into “new aesthetic materials.” The simple structure of each piece is energized by the geometric motifs of the cross-section profile.

“The project provides scalability because the parts are designed by the assembly method,” Choi adds. “Functional benefits of aluminum profile.”

Dream collaborator: I would like to collaborate with brands and artists related to music and fashion. §

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