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The combination of living, kitchen and dining spaces is becoming more and more common in modern turnkey homes.

These large, versatile communal spaces have become a favorite of many homeowners and real estate investors as open floor plans have proven to keep homes comfortable and versatile.

Especially for renters, open floor plans can create a wealth of interior design options, and all small furniture items such as end tables and floor lamps don’t feel out of place no matter where the next lease is. will do so.

However, opening a floor plan also has clear drawbacks, as lack of privacy is at the forefront and central to most Australian homeowners.

However, if you still have an open floor plan, it’s worth considering how your space works.

By doing so, you and your family can assess whether an open floor plan home could be included in the card for you in the coming years.

How to get the most out of your open floor plan

Making the most of your open floor plan naturally means that you can use your space in a way that benefits the whole family.

This essentially means that a perfect open plan design scheme will vary from household to household and will be greatly influenced by the common interests of the family or household.

However, there are some basic design principles and some open plan hacks that can help you roll the ball in your home design.

Create different zones in an open living space

The best way to ensure that your open living space accommodates all members of your family is to allocate a room for all the purposes you want to undertake. This can be achieved by arranging the furniture so that the room is clearly divided into various “zones”.

In general, open-plan living spaces are furnished and decorated to carry guests from one section of the room to another, without revealing that the room is completely divided. It is supposed to be a free-flowing design.

Placing furniture around a TV or other defined focus makes the purpose of the space fairly clear, but uses rugs rather than large furniture to divide the floor space or provide an alternative light source. By doing so, you can open the space and keep it flowing freely, like a floor lamp or table lamp that illuminates only a selected area of ​​a wider space.

Creative storage that minimizes open clutter

Open floor plans can be very cluttered, especially if the space is multifunctional, as decorations and items can be easily moved and placed on the tabletop on the other side of the room.

Effective storage can also be a concern in larger living spaces, as other storage design elements such as large bookshelves and open shelves can only be placed along the wall.

Using these shelves for storage has proved to be quite annoying, as the walls are quite wide and likely to be far apart in an open living space, as these items are unlikely to be accessed. increase.

The best storage options for an open-plan living space are typically furniture with built-in storage such as storage ottomans, benches, tables with drawers, and even modular storage options to make your interior space comfortable and versatile. You can keep things.

With these creative storage options, you’ll need all the most important accessories and more you’ll need throughout your open living space without having to cross other “zones” or walk across the room. You can access the items in.

Accept your extra space

With the rise of minimalism over the past few years, tidying up has become a bit of a buzzword. But minimalist design is not just a trend. In fact, minimalist discipline has transcended interior design and has become the complete spirit of people of all disciplines.

Many homeowners around the world embrace the spiritual clarity associated with maintaining a blissful sparse interior space. The open-plan living space itself is actually preferred by enthusiastic minimalists because of the free-flowing atmosphere and the increased availability of natural light that these spaces tend to have.

The best way to get the most out of your open plan living space is to accept the remaining open space once you have placed all the furniture and decorations.

Let your space speak for itself as much as possible, and you will find your open living space warm, fresh and attractive all year round.

Interior design style popular with open floor plans

However, you don’t have to be minimalist to get the most out of your open floor plan. In addition to minimalism, there are also many other interior design styles that may be of great value to draw inspiration when designing an open living space in your home.

Many contemporary contemporary Australian homes are designed in an open living space, so most contemporary contemporary design schemes will make you feel at home here. Clean, monochromatic furniture made of natural materials provides a refreshing, comfortable and chic atmosphere to your open-plan living space.

If you’re a bohemian style fan, all the extra floor and wall space that comes with having an open living space not only allows you to expand the eclectic array of rugs, but also tapestries, prints, And other wall art.

You can also install hanging lights throughout the open living space with colored shades to actually connect all the Bohemian elements of the space.

If you are a traditionalist, you can also add a touch of class to your home’s open-plan life with traditional or French contemporary design schemes and other more romantic period-style design schemes. .. Sky.

If you want to be them, the options for designing your open plan living space are really huge!

Is an open floor plan the right choice for your family?

It is undeniable that open plan living spaces do not work for all families, depending on how special these modern living layouts tend to be.

However, there are plenty of Australian families who have embraced all the benefits and benefits of this increasingly common floor plan.

So do you tend to go through open floor plans? The simple answer here is no. The long answer is that connected living spaces show the ability to connect us.

Larger living space encourages families to share shared spaces with peace of mind and can effectively bring your family closer.

An open living plan can encourage families to eat together, with only a clear view from the kitchen to the dining space at home.


There are definitely quite a few caveats to this unique floor plan, but a well-designed open floor plan will give you a stunning, modern interior. With this in mind, open floor plans may continue to emerge not only in Sydney’s metropolitan areas, but throughout the country.

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