OpenLab and TokenTraxx team up to reveal Audio-Visual NFT collection

OpenLab and TokenTraxx team up to reveal Audio-Visual NFT collection

OpenLab and TokenTraxx collaborate to announce audiovisual NFT collection

Ibiza-based music platform OpenLab Announced that it is affiliated with TokenTraxx Uncovering their first audiovisual NFT collection, they combine cutting-edge talent with exciting names in the field of visual arts.

OpenLab and TokenTraxx are two celebrities in the NFT world and continue to collaborate with the audiovisual NFT collection titled “”.New mycelium network‘. The collection is heavily influenced by the roots of networked fungi, seeing collaboration as a starting point for imaginative and creative departures during difficult times, following the Early Access Future Path. The collection further aims to make the two platforms the epicenter of indie music, providing platforms for talented artists in the fields of music and art.

The “New Mycelium Network” collection is a team of artists from a variety of media.First, OpenLab and TokenTraxx have partnered Ellie Pritz When Kate Simco.. An advocate of the arts and a classically trained cellist, Pritts combines AI technology with old-fashioned and complex coding techniques to create designs and curate eye-catching psychedelic artwork. I am. Simko, on the other hand, is the founder of LEO – London Electronic OrchestraA fusion of all women in orchestra and electronic music. Jamie Jones When Seth Troxler While teaching electronic music at Royal College of Music.. Pritts and Simko have curated unique artwork for this collection, the master of their respective art forms, that will take you to the chance of owning it.

OpenLab and TokenTraxx also brought Japanese digital artists, so that’s not all. Saeko EharaA VJ who is fascinated by glitter and creates art that reacts to music in real time. Shorin (((Olivia Shaolin), A producer and DJ who fused very different genres such as jazz and acid house.

On July 29th, a very limited number of OpenLab Future Passes will be available through TokenTraxx, giving early access to this exclusive NFT drop. For more information, please visit this website. Keep an eye out for these platforms as the joint journey into the exciting realm of digital art has just begun.

Image credit: Press / Jukebox PR offer


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