Organizing your deep pantry, we can help make your life easier


Luxuriously large cabinets can become black holes if not organized. Here at Shelves that Slide, a professional organizer will put together this step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of your deep pantry.

1. Start inventory completely

This may seem counter-intuitive. Shouldn’t the cabinets be tidied up for tidying up? Yes, but first, start with all the food you are trying to store in your deep pantry. Organizing your pantry around the food you always stockpile will increase your chances of keeping things tidy in the long run.

2. Put it away

This part is simple. Once you have all the food you plan to store in your deep pantry, don’t get in the way. When moving everything, check the expiration date and group it into similar item categories.

3. Make a plan

When it comes to planning, choose old-fashioned pencils and paper. By pulling out the number and dimensions of existing shelves, you can determine if you need to modify your existing layout.

If you find that your pantry is too deep to access the items stored behind it, consider installing one of the movable shelves. The tiered Lazy Susan provides maximum available space for very deep cabinets.

We also offer a variety of pull-out shelf systems, including the Perfect Pantry Pack and pull-down shelf systems. If you don’t need a complete shelving system, consider adding one or two movable shelves to your pantry. See sloping drawers and breadbox drawers.

Complete your design and reaffirm that everything was measured correctly, regardless of the number of shelves you add or change.

4. Order and install

When it’s time to install a new shelf, we’ll provide you with a variety of resources and how-to guides. If you have any problems, feel free to contact our customer support team.

It’s also time to add decorative elements such as paints. You don’t have to dress up your pantry, but if you look good, you can keep it clean.

5. Put everything together

Fill your deep pantry with what you designed to hold it and finish the project. fun!

Shelves That Slide exists to help customers who want to stay organized. Whether you’re adding a few shelves or completely overhauling your kitchen, we can help make your life easier. Contact us today!


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