Our Picks For Must-Have Long Island Branded Merchandise

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Celebrate the Long Island that lives in your home.

If you’re a long islander looking for a way to show pride, you don’t need to look any further. We have put together a list of our favorite Long Island branded products for your home. Whether it’s the coffee table book you’re looking for or a scented candle, these products cover you and celebrate the life of the Long Island from the North Shore to the South Shore and from the East End to the Queens Border. ..

Homesick premium long island scented candles

If you want to leave Long Island and remember the best beaches in the world, or if you want to bring the scent of sea air indoors, this candle is for you. When you light this candle, you can smell the clean sea air, jasmine flowers and apple trees. This 13.75 oz candle is made from natural and sustainable materials with scented top notes of bergamot and sea air, mid notes of jasmine and cucumber, and base notes of musk and apple.

your Click here for candles with the scent of Long Island ($ 14.99)

4-piece bamboo coaster set

Want a fun place to put a glass while drinking Long Island Iced Tea? Try this bamboo puzzle piece set on the drink coaster. The map of Long Island consists of 4 maps. Laser engraving artwork, a piece of great conversation, evokes sights and places that make Long Island wonderful. Combine coasters to complete the photo.

your Click here for the bamboo coaster puzzle piece set.. ($ 14.99)

Long island type serving and cutting board

This cutting board can be functional or artistic! Bamboo tree chopping board in the shape of our home island. 22 “x 6-1 / 2” x 5/8 “sized, this cutting board is engraved with artwork that highlights the popular attractions of Long Island. Turn the board over to a blank surface and it’s high quality. Use it as a knife-friendly one. Bamboo chopping board. Easy to cut? Comes with a hanging tie that can also be easily used as wall art. Hanging in kitchen, dining room, study, office, Long Island Show off your love for it. It’s a perfect gift!

your Click here for long island cutting board.. ($ 29.99)

Slice of Life Long Island Serving and Cutting Board

An alternative to the die-cut design above is this carved bamboo chopping board from the same company. An 11×8.75 inch kitchen item where you can taste the island slices with beautiful artwork that emphasizes the top locations and attractions of Long Island.

your Here is a chopping board engraved with Long Island.. ($ 12.99)

“Greetings from Long Island” Postcard

Do you have friends or relatives who live far away from Long Island? Please send this “Greetings from Long Island” postcard. The design is based on vintage postcards printed in the 1930s and 1940s. We will deliver a set of 20 identical postcards made in the United States. The size of the card is 4×6 inches. Great for collectors and scrapboards.

your Click here for a set of 20 vintage postcards from Long Island.. ($ 9.98)

Long Island Neighborhood Map Art Print

Long Island typography map art composed of town and village names. This signed print is from Joe Brewton Art, a uniquely designed and highly collected hand-painted typography map art series of original ink drawings (frames not included). The print is signed by the artist and is available in several color schemes and sizes.

your Click here for a signed print of the hand-painted Long Island Typography Map artwork.. ($ 25)

Long island vintage aluminum license plate

This 6×12 inch aluminum license plate has a classic blue and white design with long islands tucked into metal.

your Click here for the license plate of Vintage Long Island. ($ 19.95)

“The Hidden History of Long Island” Book

Richard Punk, a writer full of fascinating first works, magnificent mansions and captivating characters, reveals the rapidly disappearing traces of Long Island’s fascinating history. From Glenn Curtiss, the first pilot to fly on the island, to Earl Ovington, who carried the country’s first flight, the region is known as the birthplace of aviation. William K. Vanderbilt’s Long Island Motor Parkway in Millionaire still remains and was the first highway in the country. The desolate ruins of the exiled King Albanian mansion are in the middle of the woods of the Muttontown Reserve. Captain William Kidd, whose pirate chase turned into a pirate, is rumored to have buried treasure on the island.

Get a copy of “The Hidden History of Long Island” here. (Paperback, $ 21.99, Hardcover, $ 31.99)

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