Out of Africa NFT Collection is paving the way for Fine Artists


This unique Out of Africa NFT collection aims to modernize the approach to the fine arts industry, rather than depart from the traditional values ​​of fine arts. This brings blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the table of fine art collectors interested in participating in this innovative scene. Invictus NFT Lab’s first Out of Africa collection of 118 physical artworks from South Africa’s most popular artistic talent sheds light on NFT as a new medium for art distribution.

Most of the blockchain industry is familiar with art NFTs as a valuable collector’s item, but many still only understand the concept of digital assets in the art world. Earlier this year, Art Basel, a well-known mecca in the art world, brought NFTs to the exhibition. This was a brave and enormous move towards adopting digital art as a reputable medium for artists to collaborate. This new Out of Africa collection by Invictus Capital’s NFT Lab integrates both the physical and NFT worlds and pushes boundaries even further.

What is an NFT?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique items that cannot be replaced by anything else. They can refer to anything digital. Images, videos, land of the Metaverse, recorded audio, and even tweets. A simple example often used to understand NFT is the difference between substitutable and non-substitutable. Currencies are substitutable because if you exchange one currency for another, the same remains. However, one-off digital art is not a substitute. If you exchange it for another work of art, you will have something completely different.

Innovative technology that provides artists with a new audience

Innovation is the key to understanding the NFT collection, which is a hot topic all over the world. From quirky and boring apes to play-earning collections like love monsters, NFT artists are beginning to understand the life of a project in the crypto world.

Invictus Capital combines the finest fine arts and blockchain technology to bring more top-notch talent to the scene, a new international audience with a unique loyalty model made possible by this innovative technology. I am making it accessible to.

As much of the wealth is passed on to the younger generation, who are already familiar with blockchain technology, artists will be driving this move and collaborating with NFT galleries and collectors who are building communities around the NFT collection. It will be important. In a world where many are at risk of lagging behind in the application of this new technology, having a platform and organization that artists can collaborate with to showcase their work and learn more about the opportunities revealed through collaboration. Is important.

Fine arts NFT outside Africa

Without artistic talent and talent, effort in the art world is impossible. To this end, the NFT Lab has secured the participation of many prominent contemporary Southern African artists incorporating diverse voice sets. Congratulations to Robert Slingsby’s use of ancient geometry to celebrate African heritage, Matthew Hindley’s poetic brushstrokes, and the fantastic sculpture of Janco de Beer (a prominent fan of the King of Morocco). The story of Goveni’s redemption and the brave socio-political commentary of his art, or the whimsical atmosphere inspired by Olivikek’s pop culture, is the strength of the region’s diversity, not only in culture but also in artistic style. Makes it stand out.

“The Out of Africa collection consists of 118 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, and this is the first time many artists have worked in the NFT space. This collection is a victory for these artists and is the best. Represents some of the new, upcoming, and established talents of. ” Marelize van Zyl, curator of the Out of Africa collection

The project begins with the distribution of NFT posters to stakeholders and auctions NFT representations of the original physical artwork at the February auction. These NFTs act like proof of ownership, and the owner can choose to deliver the original artwork.


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