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Photo: Courtesy of NFTxCincinnati

Locally owned NFT digital collage by UNFIT Co-curator Annie Burke

Cincinnati will be exhibiting its first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Digital Art this month.

Hosted by NFTxCincinnati — a group of digital artists, collectors and NFT enthusiasts — UNFIT On February 25th and 26th, The Banks sample space creates a compelling space to educate and provide tools and knowledge for the general public to learn and participate in this technology-intensive concept. It is our mission to do. And of course, collectors and artists show off their art.

But how? The epidemic of digital art and owning and trading it is not easily understood by anyone who is not part of the virtual community. Probably because everything exists in virtual reality (or metaverse), thrives, and comes with its own vocabulary. Currency, market, culture. As a result, most people can’t literally put their finger on it.

“Non-fungible tokens are a way to prove ownership of a truly unique digital item, and all this ownership history is recorded on the blockchain,” he said. UNFIT Co-curator Noah Baiting. “There are several blockchain technologies that exist, but all NFTs are bought and sold in cryptocurrencies. There are many, but the most popular of the NFT spaces is Ethereum.”

There’s also a monopoly air, given that the spotlight is primarily shining on millions of dollars in sales. Perhaps the NFT’s mainstream position began with $ 69 million in sales of “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” a collage by digital artist Mike Winkelmann (aka Beeple). That was almost a year ago, and since then, mainstream companies such as Taco Bell, NFL, and Coca-Cola have created their own NFTs.

Beiting says that the global trend is now prevalent locally and is a sign of longevity, and NFTxCincinnati has seized the opportunity to introduce it to our city.

The sample space is a 7,000-square-foot “white box-like experience,” says Baiting. An event venue for pop-ups, weddings and galleries. The exhibit covers a wall space with more than 20 TVs and a 47-65 inch digital screen. Each screen can display multiple images, so any artist or owner can rotate the collection as much as they like. A QR code will be displayed on each screen, showing the artist and work details, price, and platform to buy or bid.

“We’re really trying to preach inclusiveness here. We want everyone to feel welcome about some of the topics we share,” Baiting said. increase. “We are definitely trying to promote and launch local artists in this space. Another is that the goals surrounding NFTs and cryptocurrencies and some of their underlying tones are central or authoritative. It’s the whole message of decentralization, which excludes one party, so I personally have a very vested right in space to get a kind of education by handline. I think it depends. ”

Annie Burke, UNFIT As a co-curator and featured digital artist, he states that there are also some tactile installments, including actual murals of digital works (artists and specific works are not published). She said for her that the Metaverse is an extension of where we are now, and that mutual and necessary trust in everything in the crypto is full of like-minded people with the NFT community. To prove. Burke’s work, with an architectural and design background, is usually a mashup of culturally or visually important things.

“Combining the two gives you the best of both worlds,” she says. “I usually take real pictures and re-imagine them spatially or draw something in space.”

She couldn’t say exactly how many works she would rotate for the exhibition, but she confirmed that one of her notable works, “Ice Cream Paint Job,” would appear. This work represents the Chicago skyline, where clouds turn into ice cream drips, infiltrating the cityscape with an array of blue and pink shades that represent the aura of sunset tones.

“I’m lucky to have space,” says Burke. “The biggest obstacle was the exhibition. Is there enough screen? How fast does something on the screen move? Does the word appear on the screen or next to the screen? And people Are they educated if they want to actively participate? To participate, you need a digital wallet, Coinbase, MetaMask, etc. And we tell everyone, “Oh, I do it. I don’t have it, so I’m late. ”

The NFTxCincinnati team has created a glossary of terms such as MetaMask, blockchain, and Web 3.0. This is just one example of the Metaverse terminology that you need to adopt and understand in order to participate.according to UNFITWebsite, MetaMask, is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain is a public ledger of encrypted distributed transactions (public proof of ownership). Obviously, the vernaculars are co-dependent, but the scannable ones around the gallery provide definitions on demand.

Are you still confused? UNFIT Hours of panel discussions and help desks led by industry experts such as Andrew Van Sickle and Nick Fontova will cover NFT 101 research, buying and selling collections, managing collections, setting up digital wallets and more. VanSickle is a local pop artist who has been collecting physical art for 35 years and started collecting NFTs in July. Fontova has been collecting NFTs since May. He touches on global sharing and interaction. Together, their discussion “Giving Up Physical” is about buying, selling and exhibiting NFTs and the general “art community”.

Panels and discussions will take place on Friday, February 25th, from 12:15 pm to 6 pm. After hearing the opinions of the experts, it should be easy to buy and bid. Both Burke and Beiting state that pricing is at the artist’s discretion, but there are familiar options.

Prior to the advent of NFTs, digital artists were responsible for credit verification, work verification, and royalties collection. In the mission of amplifying local artists UNFIT We bring these new virtual practices to locals like Thomas Osorio who want a breakthrough moment of great success. Once a digital work is created (becoming part of the blockchain), it cannot be changed and artists can sell it at any price and continue to benefit from the sale after the initial purchase.

Osorio hasn’t found a virtual market yet because he’s so new to NFT games, but he’s likened to the traditional art world where he’s cultivated a support community and started selling there.

Osorio has been producing digital art since 2013, but his foundation is drawing and painting. We scan hand-painted pieces and change them digitally, or we use lights, glitch filters, and colors to download images and toys. The result is a manifestation of his thoughts on the subjectivity of reality, sometimes holding abstract collage-like results in signature style.

“In many ways, I feel that digital art is the future,” says Osorio. “Technology and the potential of computer-generated images, we can do a lot with it. So stay here. Throughout history, it feels like any kind of media. Rock’n’roll first Some people didn’t like pop art or abstract expressionism when it started. Like the first time, it had such an impact on everything in a good way. It’s a general culture. I think. People don’t like change, so they’ll withdraw from it at first, but digital art has many advantages. ”

Regarding the future of NFTxCincinnati, Burke and Beiting agree that a successful exhibition means that the majority of people will leave without asking in anticipation of the next event. Yes, as some of you may know, the locally owned Bored Apes (a popular NFT collection with 10,000 unique collections) will be on display.The UNFIT The website also says that it will also look at the works of Damien Hirst, Dalek, Ian Murray and Shepard Fairey.

UNFIT It will run in the sample space (140 Marian Spencer Way, The Banks, Downtown) on February 25th and 26th. Details: unfit-art.com.

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