Outland Bridges Art World and NFTs With Fang Lijun Sale

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The platform has demonstrated its aspirations for the world of contemporary art through the recruitment of former Whitney Museum curator Christopher Y. Liu and partnerships with renowned artists.

Fang Lijun, Elemental (2022), NFT. Courtesy of the artist and Outland.

All 2,022 illustrations of Fang Lijun Elemental The series was featured on Outland’s first NFT sale on February 20th.

Sold for 0.2-0.3 ETH (US $ 563- $ 845 at the time of writing), the price of the work has already doubled and is resold from 0.6 ETH on OpenSea.

Outland was co-founded by former digital production executive Jason Li, curator Christopher Y. Lew, and former UCCA CEO May Xue. This is a more critical and curatorially driven approach that aims to differentiate itself from other NFT platforms.

“Unlike other trade-oriented markets, Outland has started as a main section with a focus on art content and criticism since its launch in November 2021,” said Xue. Ocula Magazine.. “In other words, Outland seeks to discuss and explore the cultural and social importance of contemporary art in the field of blockchain at a practical level.”

Xue said he chose to use Fang Lijun’s work, better known for his paintings, rather than the new media work, “as a bridge between art and technology.”

Fang Lijun, Elemental (2022), NFT.

Fang Lijun, Elemental (2022), NFT. Courtesy of the artist and Outland.

ElementalThe number of editions of was chosen to represent 2022 as a new beginning year, and the price was set to attract as many collectors as possible. Currently, there are about 1,300 owners of the work.

“Accessibility and inclusiveness are key aspects of NFTs and blockchain technology, so we want to reach as many collectors as possible,” says Xue.

Fang shared the same feelings in a video about Elemental He traces the history of art to works made for religious reasons.

“Art is no longer reserved solely for God, but is ultimately owned by humans,” he said. “Today, everyone has the desire and the right to get what they love.”

“Today, apart from the democratization of art, there is a desire for convenience. Elemental I just participate in such a process in a language that goes against tradition and custom, “he said.

Future Outland Drops features the work of experimental animated artist Ray Ray. Zhao Zhao, an artist born in Xinjiang and a former assistant to Ai Weiwei. Rachel Rose, a New York-based artist known for her dreamy video installation. — —[O]

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