Pace Verso sells DRIFT and Don Diablo NFT for $550,000 at Art Basel in Miami Beach

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NFT Block universe (2021) DRIFT artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta show a cube-like planet floating around a rectangular sun in the soundscape of Dutch DJ Don Diablo, sold for $ 550,000 from New York Gallery’s new dedicated NFT platform, Pace Verso. it was done. Miami Beach Art Basel. The buyer was a new client to the gallery, originally from the UK, but now based in the Netherlands and acquired another NFT by Don Diablo, Pace’s online sales director Christian Naine Kimba Boyle said. I am saying.She added that the collector would lend it Block universe Later this winter I went to a museum in Europe for an NFT exhibition.

Originally priced at $ 500,000, this piece, which comes with a handheld custom display that displays NFTs in an infinite loop, was donated to Justdiggit, a grassroots organization that fights global warming through regreening. Africa. The buyer decided to donate an additional $ 50,000 and provided a total of 247 acres of planting.

Drift, Block Universe (2021)

© DRIFT, Courtesy Pace Gallery

In a statement, the NFT “expresses a human perspective on how we treat and understand the world and nature,” and digital and traditional art are the first at the fair. He added that it was exciting to see the collision. .. “The reaction to our first NFT-based AR work was very positive and we are excited to be sold on the second day of the fair,” said Gordijn.

Ralph Nauta added, “Women are undervalued in the NFT community and are proud to have created the work Gordijn.” In the last two years, only 5% of NFTs sold have been made by women. He was also excited that the pair started working with Don Diablo. “He’s a legend in the NFT community and has a destructive power in the music industry. It was exciting to see him move so fast,” he said.

Don Diablo is equally honored to work with his fellow Dutch artists to “represent the Netherlands in this exciting new landscape of digital art and NFTs.” “But to be honest, I’m almost humble to participate in works of art that are actually contributing to this great regreening of the planet.”

In addition to releasing a new album in September this year, Don Diablo is working on an ambitious NFT project. Hexabit III, It presents the multimedia vision of a spaceship DJ landing in a new world, accompanied by a physical structure. “I thought,’Why don’t you actually make something? What if you could literally stand inside an NFT?’ It’s never been done before,” the musician told Rolling Stone. Told Earlier this year. Hybrid works will be offered for personal sale through Sotheby’s.

Diablo was previously affiliated with Sotheby’s For him Infinite future The project, “Adventure between Collectors and Artists”. The artist provided buyers with a portable hologram projector that randomly uploaded music, messages, and art for the rest of their lives. The piece that came with the NFT sold for $ 927,500 in June.

DRIFT is currently holding a major solo exhibition at the Shed Museum in New York until December 19th, with a major installation. Pasture During the fair, you can see it at the paced Super Blue immersive art outpost in Miami.

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