Packing big design in tiny homes


In the days of COVID-19, my dream of international adventure was put on hold, but my escape was not completely stopped. I planned a safe and socially distant road trip, but with a twist: a small trip.

In October 2020, I embarked on an ongoing “small home tour” in the country and around the world. So far, my collection consists of 25 stays in Japan and 1 stay abroad.

As a self-proclaimed minimalist, I travel lightly, even to distant destinations. The idea of ​​a small, well-planned and efficient living space that a small house can offer just makes sense.

However, not all small homes are built and built in the same way. Some may think that it takes minimal effort to make a small house beautiful, but the owner and the interior designer will ask you to be different. Here, some Airbnb superhosts (labeled on top-notch and most experienced hosts) and home design stylists share ideas and inspiration to get the most out of small situations.

Design details

After sleeping in 26 of them, there is one thing for sure. The two small houses are not designed in the same way. As a short-term lessor, I can experience new environmentally influenced emotions created by the hosts of each small home. Many factors need to be taken into account, from building materials to decoration.


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