Painting by Mussolini’s son and works by Favotto at Salesians arts sale

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Paintings by Benito Mussolini’s son Romano and works by Sergio Bassoon and Maltese artists will be on display to help the boys of St. Patrick this weekend.

Various techniques have been adopted to create paintings, each with its own history and value.

“Some are modern and some are classic. There are some interesting stories about the boy who shed tears in Naples in the 1960s by Benito Mussolini’s son.

A portrait of a weeping boy in Naples in the 1960s by Benito Mussolini’s son Romano.

“While some paintings depict the beauty of Venice and its region, quite a few paintings by different Maltese artists represent different aspects of Malta’s culture, mood and character. Masu. Father Charles Cini, the brain behind the initiative, explains.

“This exhibition brings together some of the most established and emerging artists in the world of contemporary art under one umbrella.”

You can also get unique paintings by Fabot, a famous artist from Veneto, Italy, who painted various works at the Monte Cassino Cathedral in the Province of Frosinone, about 130 kilometers southeast of Rome. In Malta, Father Charles states that he works at Tapinu Cathedral on Gozo, including five famous niches on the side of the road leading to the sanctuary.

The collection of works highlights some of the best features of Malta’s nature and architecture, and the exhibition brings together some of the most established and emerging artists in the world of contemporary art under one umbrella. He points out that there is.

Father Charles makes a heartfelt appeal. “We are offering an affordable collection of this unique painting. While holding this exhibition for funding, we have this advanced art level opportunity to fit in every pocket. Our policy is not to ask for donations, but to provide high-quality artistic paintings to decorate your home or office and donate as a gift, but in the meantime, you are very Supporting a good purpose.

“Please come and help us.”

The Bargain Art Exhibition will be held tomorrow and Sunday from 9am to 7pm at the St. Patrick Salesian School in Sliema.

One of the works of Sergio BassoonOne of the works of Sergio Bassoon

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Salesians of Malta

The Salesians came to Malta in 1903. St. Patrick’s School was their first home and is now aimed at young people in need. It was the philanthropist Alphonse Maria Galea (1861-1941) who persuaded them to come to Malta.

The Salesian presence in Malta continues to grow, and they also run the Osanna Pier Hostel and Mamma Marguerite House in Sliema. The chapel also includes a junior club, youth center and a brigade of boys and girls. As a theater. Savio College in Dingli is also a member of the Salesians, along with a house in Sengria.

The Salesians of Malta have adventured across these coasts and have run elementary schools in Tunisia for several years.

They opened a chapel in Gozo in 1949, which was closed in 1965.

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