Painting of Jasper Carrott made with his hair, blood, and spit mistakenly sold by charity shop

Painting of Jasper Carrott made with his hair, blood, and spit mistakenly sold by charity shop
Unique picture of Jasper Carrot

Bewdley’s KEMP Hospice launches a public appeal to find artwork, allowing photos to be reunited with the legitimate owner, local professional artist Hillary J Baker.

Hillary, whose studio is near the shop, was asked to make a photo of a local celebrity.

The portrait formed part of a series of “forensic portraits” created using personal traces as part of the process.

Hillary said: I was overwhelmed by the fact that this photo meant a lot to me and was accidentally sold. “

The photo was rented and exhibited at a charity shop as part of the Foundry Artist Art Trail 2022, which includes 20 locations throughout the town that participated in the two-week event.

But unfortunately, this photo was accidentally sold for only £ 20 on Wednesday morning, July 13.

KEMP is now receiving a full refund and is urging customers to come forward to help the hospice reunite with the legitimate owner.

Caroline Beech, CEO of KEMP Hospice, said:

“We were miserable to know that this genuine unfortunate mistake had happened. Everyone on the team is very worried about seeing Hillary reunited with her picture as soon as possible. “

Gary Barnes, Head of Retail at KEMP, said:

“I’m really sorry for what happened. I did an internal investigation and unfortunately I’m sure it was a human error.

“I hope the person who bought the photo understands and helps me reunite with Hillary.”

Hillary goes on to say: “KEMP’s Bewdley Shop does a great job of supporting the local community and KEMP Hospice, but the photos make a lot of sense to me, so I’d love to find them and bring them back to the studio.

“With KEMP, send an email to [email protected] or call 01562 756 000 to appeal to anyone who may know where to contact the hospice. Photo as soon as possible. I hope I can return it. “


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