Painting Of Roy Keane Wins Inaugural Football Art Prize

Painting Of Roy Keane Wins Inaugural Football Art Prize

Roy Keane’s portrait won the first ever football art award in the UK.

Artwork by British portrait painter Toby Michael Roy keane In the process of drawing a self-portrait, I am drawing a former Manchester United captain. Painted in 2020, it is currently on display at the Millennium Gallery in Shefield.

In the painting, Keane, with a gray beard, depicts a person who looks like a devil with football at his feet. He has a red-dyed paintbrush in his left hand and four paintbrushes in his right hand.

Toby Michael, Roy Keane, 2020.Image © Artist

Here’s how the artist described the painting:

“This painting is derived from a picture of Will Curling’s infamous” Ice Cream Roy. ” Roy Keane is a critic of his easy-to-understand brand and often draws a clear and concise image. Here, he is depicted simply by drawing his self-portrait. “

Fans in Keen’s awkward fan photo will recognize the pose.

A jury trial of art expert and former goalkeeper David James chose to award a gong to Keen’s portrait.

Art history lens Roy Keane

In honor of the painting, art critic Bakewell, who writes for Apollo, said:

[It] It appears to portray his subject as a painter, brush his hands and invite comments from viewers about his handicrafts. The scene seems to be set in a different era, with Keane dressed in a soft suit and painter’s jacket reminiscent of the early 20th century, whose subdued tones probably suggest the influence of Sir John Leverly.

This is not the first time Keane has inspired a work of art. His portrait with a crow’s head by Scottish photographer Murd MacLeod can be found in the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork.

Of course, Peter Crouch’s podcast is famous for performing the most annoying Keen selfie exhibition, including ice cream.

Regarding the award itself, James said:

“Judging the Soccer Art Award was a thrilling experience. The depth of content was very good not only in the presentation of the material, but also in the subject. In the past, I expressed football to the level of popularity in 2D art. I was wondering why it wasn’t done. What I saw was the perception that football affects almost every aspect of life and is visible in social spheres around the world beyond the stadium. . “

Learn more about the Soccer Art Award.

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