Painting offers window into Kindle

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In the coming weeks, Kindle patrons and passers-by will open a new window to the popular Lewes restaurant. However, this window is not real.

Lewis artist Jean Doran recently completed a painting by Trompe-l’Ouille commissioned by Art in Bloom. Trompe-l’Ouille is an art technique aimed at tricking viewers with realistic images.

Doran’s work shows the interior of the Kindle as if the viewer were looking at the restaurant from the outside, with booths, tables, chairs, and a bar with patrons reading books.

Ed Zygmonski, Co-Chair of Art in Bloom, said the idea of ​​introducing Trompe-l’Ouille to Lewes came from Frederick, Maryland.

“They have a lot of Trompe-l’Ouille in their town,” Zigmonsky said. “This is our first. A small start. I wish I had 3, 4 and 5. I’ll see where I’m going.”

Doran said the project started in mid-November and worked steadily until it was completed in early December. Most of Trompe-l’Ouille’s work was created directly on the surface of buildings and structures, but Doran painted an unpleasant picture on the lookout of the Kindle clapboard. Instead, she painted the scene on a panel that could be framed and pasted into a building to make it look like a window.

To find out what to draw, Doran confronted the wall of the restaurant.

“I only saw tables and chairs and blank walls, and I thought it wouldn’t work,” she said. “I got a little artistic license.”

Doran moved to Lewis in 1998. After many years of commercial interior design, he began painting full-time as his child grew up. She has been painting full-time since moving to Lewis, commissioning many pet portraits and other subjects.

Her work can be found by searching the Art of Jean Doran on Facebook.

Art in Bloom is working to identify the following sites for Trompe-l’Ouille’s work. Companies and residents interested in placing Trompe-l’Ouille in a building or residence can contact Zygmonski. [email protected].. Please contact the artists who are interested in participating.

Art in Bloom was created in 2016 as a committee of Lewes in Bloom. The group brought several public art pieces to Lewis, including the Menharden mural next to the Beacon Motel, the mosaic mural on the Drawbridge on Savannah Road, and the swirl pattern near the Lewis Public Library.

Art in Bloom is now working with Schell Brothers to build a fake train station next to the Lewes Library, celebrating the city’s long history on the railroad. The project is working in collaboration with the Lewis Junction Railroad Bridge Association’s efforts to place vehicles on the 210-foot section of the railroad that was left behind when the railroad was removed in 2018.

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