Panoramic Vistas from Westport’s Past at library

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Panoramic Vistas from Westport’s Past at library

WESTPORT – Get ready for an expansive view of the town’s history as the Westport Historical Society presents, “Retro Perspective: Panoramic Vistas from Westport’s Past,” an exhibit on view at the Westport Free Public Library, 480 Old County Rd.

This free exhibition will be on view from January 3 to February 28.

Featuring 22 historic panoramic views of Westport, this exhibition offers stunning, expansive visions of the landscape, as well as fascinating small details of everyday life.

Covering locations from Westport Factory, the head of Westport and Westport Point to the harbour, these images reveal Westport as it appeared in the early 1900s – on the cusp of modernity but still very much in the horse and buggy era.

From a collection of many hundreds of historical images, this exhibition presents a select few that, when paired with another image, form wider panoramic views. The images are digitally stitched together to form a single view and enlarged from small 3 x 5 inch postcards to as wide as four feet.

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