parametric ‘kerfonic wall’ adorns the autodesk gallery in san fransisco

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Designers negarkalantar and alirezaborhani introduce the permanent Carphonic Wall parametric Audio equipment on display at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco.Inspired by the formation of sand in nature, the 20’x8’walls are made up of stacks. Brick-Angle in different directions, like a bolted box, creates a Voronoi split that overcomes the sound focusing effect. Arranged in an irregular pattern throughout the wall, over 54 boxes were custom cut from plywood and acted as a frame to hold the calf-cut hyperboloid panel / flat plywood sheet. A series of cuts turned them into double-curved free-form surfaces with varying levels of flexibility.

All images are courtesy of negarkalantar

Integration of geometry, materials and acoustics

When using algorithm definitions to obtain a large subset of meandering patterns via the remesh process, the flexibility or stiffness of the panel depends on the shape of the cutting pattern, the dimensions of the calf unit cells, the cutting density, and the number of pattern iterations. depends on. Depending on the bending stiffness of the plywood, the calf panel is tensioned by pushing towards the bottom of the box. Therefore, each surface turns into an acoustically modulated part. Deploying calf-cut panels as a new absorber and using pixelated cells to scatter sound enhances the gallery’s auditory experience, as evidenced by on-site acoustic testing before and after wall completion. To do.

By acoustic stimulation and physical examination, the type of calfing pattern, the level of width and openness of the calf, the curvature and depth of the surface of the calf, the depth of the cavity behind the surface, and the interdependence of the final acoustic performance. Became clear. As an aesthetically pleasing assembly, the Carphonic Wall functions acoustically to create a diffused soundscape within the meeting room / lounge of the gallery’s echo space, helping to enjoy intimate and private conversations in the open plan area. increase.

Carphonic wall acoustic installation decorating the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco

Multidimensional visual and acoustic experience

The entire wall was designed to create subspaces within the gallery when subtly identified through the local acoustic environment. The aim was to create a multidimensional experience for visitors to the installation by building an equal foundation between visual and auditory aesthetics. To minimize the footprint of the wall and maximize its volumetric impression, the wall is carved to form a double curved structure, with an overhanging box protruding into that section, adapting to the arch of the side window. did. Carphonic walls open the door to new areas of creative sound expression and transform the personal sound experience by creating sound-modulating materials.

The proposed carfing approach combines two types of acoustic processing techniques: diffusion and absorption. This project will lead to the development of further iterations of acoustic reflection and absorption surfaces, featuring versatile and adaptable acoustic properties for focusing and diffusing sound as needed.

The development of in-house parametric scripts played a central role in generating the creation files needed to create cell components, connectors, and spacers. Because each hyperboloid calf panel is different in size, depth, and angle, we used a parametric model to convert these surfaces into 2D flat sheets for laser cutting. In this project, the interaction between auditory instructions, geometric parameters, importance, manufacturing constraints, assembly logic, and programmatic considerations was the driving force of the design. For example, this wall was completed during a pandemic blockade where only two laser cutters were available. Therefore, we have overcome the fundamental challenge of manufacturing custom hyperboloid box panels without the use of single-use formwork or additional tools. Before shipping to the final location, we assembled a collection of irregular boxes into six cnc-cut 4’x8’mdf boards.

Carphonic wall acoustic installation decorating the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco
Survey of cut density

Parametric acoustic installation

Carphonic wall acoustic installation decorating the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco
Based on the flexural rigidity of the plywood, the calf panel is tensioned by pushing towards the bottom of the box.

Parametric acoustic installation
Box and base panel

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