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Art and design are enormous forces in today’s society. The power of creativity has never had such an impact on society. Perhaps the word “selfie” has something to do with it.

Fashion designers are currently collecting collections for customers who enjoy showing off their clothes on social media. This eliminates the need for designers to worry about what fashion runway masters want to see. Product designers, furniture and interior designers have also begun to form a design cycle centered on “self-philosophy”, and now the world is in the future defined by augmented reality based on the blockchain technology that is the foundation of the crypto space. I’m approaching.

Mysterious words

Cryptographic art, commonly known as NFT or non-fungible token, is a digital representation of design or artwork. NFTs show the fusion of culture and technology, which is affecting many mainstream industries. It’s all about the ability to create concept art that is purely in the mind of the creator. Therefore, this stream opens a whole new dimension to essentially creative people. For example, there are many examples of a 12-year-old child selling art for over $ 1 million. You don’t have to graduate from college to get started right away. If you have the talent and ability to market yourself, NFTs will do the rest.

Behind-the-scenes shots that he cherishes

NFTs create a fair competition. Caste, color, race and region will be more democratized. Pure aptitude and the ability to grasp the imagination of this market are key factors in determining success. It is also a very comprehensive platform. Hotel owners, architects, doctors and even scientists can create NFTs and make waves in specialized markets such as WazirX.

Art smart

There are two nuances in NFT trading. The first is the selected price of artwork, which is commonly shared in the market. However, after that, you can request a small portion of the secondary sale each time the artwork is sold. In other words, if people buy or sell your artwork forever, you are guaranteed royalties for the rest of your life. This is a benefit for luxury fashion items as it always has a secondary retail market value rather than losing value as it does today.

As a designer brand, we plan to create a collection that can be sold as an NFT in the future. If not adapted, it will be redundant.

Raghavendra Rathore is one of the first and most valuable Indian designers to embrace his personal art and transform it into exclusive blockchain technology through NFTs.

From the HT branch on December 26, 2021

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