Patricia Urquiola renovates Michigan’s Haworth Hotel

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Rethought by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, this Michigan hotel mixes European brands with American Howarth furniture.

The Haworth Hotel is located in a brick building in downtown Holland, a small town on Lake Makatawa. The hotel is located on the campus of the private school Hope College.

The historic Haworth Hotel in Michigan has been renovated by Patricia Urquiola

The refurbishment was supported by the Haworth family, who own an office furniture brand of the same name. The hotel is intended to accommodate visitors to the company’s global headquarters in the Netherlands, as well as visitors to the university.

“The hotel has been completely rebuilt as part of a larger initiative to turn a campus hotel into a design showcase while improving the guest experience,” the company said.

Patricia Urquiola Howers Hotel Stairs
The stairs are made of bent metal and oak

To revitalize the hotel, the company relied on Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, who runs a studio in Milan. Ulquiorra has created several products for Howarth, such as sofas and poufs, and she has the knack for balancing “warmth, playfulness, sophistication and multiple brand experiences”.

In Ulquiorra’s first hotel project in the United States, the designer was responsible for creating a unique space that was both durable and comfortable.

Patricia Urquiola Howers Hotel Interior
There are furniture brands such as Capellini in the hotel lobby.

The property has 48 rooms, various meeting spaces, a fitness center and a newly added public coffee shop. There is also a ballroom that doubles as a student cafeteria.

Step into the bright lobby, which features pale wooden floors and white walls. Sunlight flows in through the windows facing the street.

Patricia Urquiola Howers Hotel Interior
The accent walls of the dining room are covered with white oak

The centerpiece of the lobby is a wide spiral staircase made of bent metal and oak. The stairs rise from the podium with geometric tiles designed by Ulquiorra for Mutina.

Right next to the entrance is a lounge space with furniture from Capellini, Cassina, Poltrona Frau and Howarth. Underfoot is Gan’s gray floor covering, a division of Gandia Blasco.

Similar brands are featured in other areas of the hotel.

For example, a room with powder blue walls features a Howarth pouf and stool, a capellini table made of terrazzo and fake marble, and a modular sofa system designed by Ulchiora for Howarth. The walls are fitted with Pablo Designs disc-shaped luminaires.

Patricia Urquiola Howers Hotel Interior
The meeting room was part of the Haworth Hotel refurbishment

In the dining area, the designer placed Cassina’s tables and chairs, and Marcel Wanders’ Capellini big shadow lamps. The walls of the accent are covered with white oak.

The rooms are intended to promote relaxation. Furniture includes Haworth poufs and chairs, bedside sconces by Louis Poulsen, and woodwork products designed by Urquiola and manufactured by Cassina Contract.

Patricia Urquiola Hotel Room Interior
Rooms include woodwork products designed by Ulquiorra

“The Haworth Hotel is a combination of residential and commercial solutions. It’s durable enough to accommodate guests for years and has a home-like feel,” the team said. I am.

Other interior design projects by Patricia Urquiola include the Maggie Center for Cancer Treatment in Barcelona, ​​which has a bright and homely atmosphere. The building was designed by Benedetta Tagliabue of EMBT.

The photo is from Haworth Hotel.

Project credit:

interior design: Studio Ulquiorra
Architectural design: GMB architecture + engineering
General contractor: Owen-Ames-Kimball

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