Pebble Art Zone Opens Doors to the Future of Teenage Artists and Under Privilege Children Via Handcrafted NFTs

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Participate in Pebble Art Discord

Pebbles Art Zone has announced plans to showcase handmade NFT art, gather community support and support its purpose.

Secaucus, NJ, USA, March 4, 2022 / Art Zone today announced the latest developments in the NFT world and launched a cause-driven brand. The brand drop will soon be unveiled, featuring a variety of NFT art goods by teenage artists. NFTs are made up of community-driven essentials related to purchases and are committed to paying attention to meeting the basic needs of orphans.

Harris Hussein, founder and CEO of Pebbles Art Zone, elaborated on the purpose of Pebble Art, saying: How to find new artists and creators, how to improve how to provide love for art, how to redefine industry-wide norms, all of which serve all artists, regardless of their origin, of the brand It starts with creating a digital platform like this. .. Handmade NFT art is more than a digital collector. The company shows how technology can become the next surge of change to streamline collaboration between content-driven communities, extend digital interactions, and support social objectives. “

Pebble Art is more than just a profit-seeking business. It is a movement driven by the most noble purpose of educating unprivileged children around the world. The movement is initiated by a talented teenager who has shown his creativity to small pebbles. Pebble Art transforms this simple yet creative craft into a valuable NFT.

The Pebble Art Zone is a community of teens with a passion to showcase similar creative skills and talents. We welcome all teenagers to join the Pebble Art Zone and contribute to the increase in NFTs. Each handmade pebble converted to an NFT is a source of income for teens. The NFT Artist Community will be able to create digital representations of art that give owners uninterrupted access to their own artwork and digital content. Pebbles Art Zone can promote better opportunities for teenage artists. Emphasizing these creative artworks is expected to bring creative expression and greater opportunities to the brand.

To elaborate on the other side of the story, Harris Hussein states: In the early stages, the contribution is small. But over time, as the number of participating NGOs increases, their contribution to this noble purpose will double. “

Teens are our greatest asset and investment. By empowering teens, we are helping to open the door to profitable future opportunities and take their creative skills to the next level. We chose education as the focus of our social goals. Education has always been the center of progress in the age of human development, which is a fundamental need for all individuals. It is impossible to be educated and survive individually or collectively. That is; therefore, it is of utmost importance to continue to focus on this issue.

To summarize the concept, he concludes: “We are very fortunate to be able to work with talented creators and artists and with reputable NGOs throughout the process. The Pebble Art Zone is a teenage artist on the one hand and a poor child on the other. It’s a way to change our future. “

The Pebbles Art Zone is committed to fostering sound relationships with all stakeholders in the industry. The team is constantly brainstorming and innovating fresher and more creative ideas to bring homemade NFTs to market. This is not only a fresh idea to connect with more people, but also a fruitful progress to collaborate with the talents of industries in all areas.

About Pebble’s Art Zone
Pebbles Art Zone is a technology company founded to create cutting-edge digital masterpieces to dominate the NFT ecosystem. The company envisions allowing teenage artists to use pebbles as a valuable NFT to create handmade art on pebbles. The company works with a reputed and well-known NGO that is actively working globally for the education of children under privilege. Join the Pebble Art Discord community

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Pebble Art Zone – Handmade NFT by teenagers to educate children


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