Pebbles Art Zone’s Handmade NFT Scheduled to Release This Week

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Pebbles Art Zone has announced the launch and future scope of the first handmade NFT art to further expand the platform while servicing the community.

Pebbles Art Zone recently announced the latest development of a handmade NFT collection. The brand has revealed that it is a newcomer to the NFT world and was launched only on March 25, 2022 at the Ethereum blockchain network’s Opensea Marketplace.

The platform created by teenage Mahadofsane has an extensive NFT collection. The artist is in 7th grade and envisions using NFTs to support the noble purpose of educating under privileged children around the world. This is a community-led initiative aimed at meeting the basic needs of orphans.

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The Pebble’s Art Zone is a unique outlook in the NFT world. Featuring artwork made of pebbles inspired by EtherPebbles, featured in the Metaverse. Young Artist Highlights 300 platforms, individual artwork (divided into 3 collections) accessible online as an NFT. The Pebbles Art Zone has vast global potential that emphasizes the art and creativity of the Metaverse.

The exclusive collection of digital graphics is entirely based on the original handmade work with carbon neutral status. One-fifth of total income will be donated to charities working to improve orphans.

Teenage artists from Pebble Art NFT will make their debut on the platform. He is highly regarded for his unique and lively handmade artwork.
“I’m amazed at how artists are making a lot of money through their art, inspired by the recent developments in NFTs. I think we can use this platform to attract people. It’s a great opportunity to show off, “explained artist Mahadhusane in one of his pre-release statements.

Harris Hussain, CEO and Founder, said: In these times, it’s a great opportunity for aspiring artists and creative minds to get the most out of their artwork by turning it into an NFT. Our team is proud to offer this platform. This platform will introduce handmade art works to the NFT space. This platform is open to all new entrants whose purpose is to promote art for social purposes. “

The ideas behind the Pebbles Art Zone have amazing potential for future prospects. It opens new doors for digital artists and paves the way for new opportunities. With the launch of this platform, the NFT experience will expand in different directions, allowing a variety of aspiring artists to showcase their art. The Pebble’s Art Zone is determined to provide space for the creative mind and emphasize their work. With this venture, brands will win outstanding turnarounds while offering opportunities for everyone.

The approach of this platform is very unique. Robert McKenzie, Marketing Manager at Pebbles Art Zone, said: “Handmade NFT art is far more innovative than digital collections. Our brand shows how the advent of technology can bring about a continuous surge of change. We can streamline collaboration between communities like us and support social objectives while expanding digital interaction. “

The company also announced a strategic partnership to improve its own NFT components. Pebbles Art Zone leverages blockchain technology and NFT space to drive the placement of the digital art market, addressing advertising, trading, marketing, sales, and everything in between.

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The entire Pebbles Art Zone team is excited about the big launch. Ashley Martin, Head of Business Development, said: “The team is working with the utmost enthusiasm and enthusiasm to make Pebbles Art Zone a well-known NFT platform for digital artists. Use NFT as a canvas for creativity in virtual space. We are fortunate to be able to collaborate with talented artists who can inspire us. “

Given the current milestones and business goals, it is clear that Pebbles Art Zone is determined to promote sound relationships with industry stakeholders. The team is very ambitious and is constantly working to improve the way they use innovative ideas in creative directions to display handmade NFTs on the market. Their goal is to extend beyond securing their position in the NFT space and to support their social objectives. Not only is the artwork unique, but the idea of ​​leveraging blockchain to improve the community and working with up-and-coming talent makes it a valuable project.

Pebbles Art Zone will embark on a digital and vibrant journey to build an innovative marketplace for NFT enthusiasts and digital artists. Given the current growth of blockchain and the rise of NFTs, handmade NFTs will become universal in the coming years. This allows artists and collectors to buy, sell, lease and rent digital art.

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