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Petra Collins was a teenager when he first got a 35mm camera, but he didn’t know much about the device and the industry around it. According to her 29-year-old from Toronto, Canada, she “has never learned her basics” and was forced to explore the media as her own teacher. .. Gucci, Adidas, trend, New York Times, CR fashion book And many others), made her famous for her clear photography style in the 2010s.

“When I took a photography class when I was young, I didn’t feel that something was pervasive. I felt like I wasn’t learning how to take pictures,” Collins said in an interview. The Hollywood Reporter. “When I found another way of learning, it really helped my practice.”

Today, the educational streaming platform MasterClass announced Collins as one of the latest instructors in the Session initiative. The 30-day curriculum is pre-recorded and divided into 5 sections of 3-4 10-minute lessons, accessible to all MasterClass members at any time. Students learn about lighting techniques and the process of creating a series, and receive feedback on assignments after each session. You can register for the Collins session today. Classes will be published on July 1st.

Petra Collins Master Class
Courtesy of Master Class

“I wanted to teach you how to approach this different photo, which I think is easier to actually learn photography and helps students to better understand photography. I think it was very mechanical, and that’s not really how photography works, “Collins says.

“Petra’s aesthetics helped define this generation of film photography,” said David Rogier, founder and CEO of MasterClass, in a statement. “In her session, she will exclusively introduce her style, approach and expertise and help her members learn how to express themselves creatively through film photography.”

She teaches the technical basics of shooting with a 35 mm SLR camera, such as shutter speed. She also shares a creative approach for her to develop concepts and incorporate herself into the image. “I think what I really teach is to learn and see inside myself,” explains Collins. “Because it’s an endless pitfall of information. You can’t find it anywhere else.”

Collins was first familiar with the master class when he signed up to take a class from David Lynch. David Lynch described her as “my idol” and thought it unique that “the artist was directing the conversation.” She has been giving lectures in college since she was 17 (she read: directed her peers), but she taught a “larger, more accessible” photography course. This is the first time for me.

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Petra Collins Master Class
Courtesy of Master Class

Collins Master Class students can also expect to gain insight into the process of working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. In one section, photographers who photographed Solange Knowles, Frank Ocean, Kim Kardashian, etc. focus on how to build intimacy with the subject, especially the highly visible subject.

“The way I learned all about art was through collaboration, so whenever I have a theme, I’m approaching it as a really exciting collaboration … I said,” What do you want to be? Or you What do you want to own? What kind of images do you want to produce? “She says. “I think all about shooting subjects, celebrities, and talents is that you really want their opinions, and you also want to bring them something new.”

Recently, Collins collaborated with breakout teen pop star Olivia Rodrigo on two music videos (“I had to express what I wanted to do in a feature film,” she says) and released a book. Did. fairy tale, When Euphoria Star Alexa Demie published by Rizzoli. “In my book fairy tale, My subject, Alexa, and I looked back on the trauma of the child. And what we were looking at to help us get through this young stage of our lives. “

Aesthetically, Collins’ images vary, but are consistently described as dreamy and feminine, sticking to fantasy, and the feverish dreams of Girls’ Generation.But with a little plot twist, she says she’s been inspired by adult-style body horror movies for a long time: exorcist When carry. She also loves the work of fellow Canadian David Cronenberg.

Collins currently lives in Los Angeles, where she is exploring another type of film, the film. “The move to LA was really exciting, because as an outsider, I’m experiencing this city, which was basically built on fame. It’s unlike any other city in the world. All signs, and historic buildings-it haunts in a really beautiful way, “she says. “Now I’m in this environment, so it will infuse itself into my photographs.”


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