Phillips auction of generative + digital art, including NFTs by Dmitri Cherniak + Snowfro this Summer.

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Dmitri Cherniak Ringers # 29, Non-Fungible Token (ERC-721) Created January 31, 2021 Estimate: £ 1.1-1.3 million

Philips announced Ex-Machina: History of Generative Art, Exhibitions and online auctions. Curated by Georg Bak, Former Makina Shows the history of generative art that began in the 1950s, from computer art pioneers to today’s generative NFT artists. Featuring the invisible works of pioneers Bella Mornal, Hebert W. Franke and Gottfried Jaeger, Former Makina It will also bring the work of generative NFT artists Snowfro and Dmitri Cherniak to market for the first time.

A public preview of the highlights will be available today from May 31st to June 17th, before the full-scale exhibition at Berkeley Square 30 in London from July 11th to August 5th, at Ruedue Bac’s Philips Pari Gallery. It will be held at. The work will be available at for an online auction from July 13th to 20th. Prices range from £ 2,000 to £ 1.1 million.

“Philips is excited to bring so many historic pieces to market, and this is the first such large-scale exhibition and sale to date. In Paris and London. Former Makina For a total of a month and a half, there is a conscious decision to allow the general public to work on and experience this unique product.Bella Mornal (Des) orders Directly commissioned from her studio – works of this size and condition have never been published. I’m also looking forward to receiving works directly from Herbert W. Franke and Edwald Cuck. The latter was acquired by Tate Modern and MoMA from his Minitel series. “

Benjamin Candler, Philips, Digital Art Project Leader,

Distributed Gallery Chaos Machine Oak, Steel, Slate, Glass This work, performed in 2018, is number one in the second edition. Estimate: £ 40,000-60,000

Former Makina Featuring several historical and new works by generative NFT artists, it bridges the evolution of generative art over the last 70 years.The most important digital work is from Dmitri Cherniak Ringer # 292021, comes from part of the prestigious collection of Narcissus Gallery and the artist’s famous Ringer series. Ringer # 29 Is one of four ringers with “extra green” dots out of 1,000 and has been on the market for the first time since the project was released. Originally released on ArtBlocks, Cherniak used a p5js script to explore the concept of “how many strings can be wrapped around a set of pegs”. He worked on algorithms for years and culminated in the release of ArtBlocks. Each piece is unique in that it doesn’t exist until the collector buys it. The transaction data interacts with preset variables to create very different pieces with unique characteristics.

The highlights of the breadth and creativity of the media in generative art spaces are: Chaos machine By Distributed Gallery, a collection of artists and engineers who create works based on distributed technology, usually blockchain-based. The Chaos machine An Ethereum-based jukebox that activates when fiat money is inserted into a machine and incinerated. Jukebox playlists are generated by the user, and when activated, they play from both jukeboxes, regardless of how far they are from each other. Once the note is written, the user will be issued a QR code that allows them to add another song to the playlist. Only two chaos machines have been manufactured so far.

Paris Preview May 31st-June 17th 46 Rue du Bac, Paris 75007
London Preview July 11th-August 5th Berkeley Square, W1J 6EX
Online Auction July 13-20, 2022




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