photographer brian kosoff frames covered graffiti like abstract paintings

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Rothco-like mural

Based in Portland when a pandemic occurs photographer Brian Kozov wandered the empty streets of the city. There he came across a parking lot covered with graffiti. Surprisingly, these covers created a Rothko-like mural, which he began to photograph.

“Like everyone, I had to change my usual routine in 2020.” Kosoff recalls in an article published by PetaPixel. “After the gym and other exercises were closed, my wife and I started taking walks in different parts of Portland, Oregon. It was these walks that I first noticed this interesting phenomenon.

Image © Brian Kozov

“At first glance, it seems that the color and final appearance were a little thought out …” – BRIAN KOSOFF

The cover is like a tag (or signature), a form of graffiti that is not well appreciated by real estate owners. They assigned themselves the task of removing or covering them in order to create abstract paintings.

“When real estate owners feel they have to fill in graffiti that they find unpleasant or unattractive, they will use whatever paint they have, or whatever paint they can get cheaply.” Kosov continued. “At first glance, little thought was made about the color or the final appearance, but the owner or the final painter had to decide how much to fill. They barely covered it. Or do they draw more comfortable sizes and shapes? How much thought did they give the process? “

Photographer Brian Kosoff's frame covered graffiti like an abstract painting

title Painting, This series introduces the patched walls. The graffiti is covered with squares and rectangles of different shades that do not match the background color. Seen from a distance, the photographer’s eyes reveal unexpected works.

Photographer Brian Kosoff's frame covered graffiti like an abstract painting

“I probably shot at least 100 walls.” Brian Kozov concludes. “Some walls were so big that we provided some configurations. How many graffiti artists and how many property managers marked these walls? Graffiti than real estate managers? I think there were more artists, but I think there were quite a few. All of these contributors have never met, and this time I have never met any of them, but in the end. They created something much more interesting than just another blank city wall. I think it’s all in the eyes of the viewer, but in my eyes these strangers created the art. ..

Project information:

name: paint

photographer: Brian Kozov

Series details: Here

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April 19, 2022

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