Photographers to Follow on Instagram: December 17, 2021

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every day, PetaPixel Instagram accounts share great photos from our readers and the people who inspire us. Take a look at your recent favorite posts and the photographer behind the lens.

Our @PetaPixel Instagram page posts all the great work in front of you. Want to see your photos shared in our account? First, you will want to follow us. next, #petapixel Join the Instagram photographer community by hashtagging your posts. These steps make it easy to find what you want to share.

Below is a selection of talented photographers who recently introduced their work at @PetaPixel. Keep posting your images with #Petapixel And you will find yourself here next week.

Photo by Pedro Moreira.

Found as @pedroxmoreira on Instagram, PedroMoreira is a self-taught photographer based in Portugal. Moreira published his work on covers and books and circulated it in newspapers and magazines. In a photo of this sculpture in honor of the wrecked fisherman Vila do Conde, Moreira noticed to his taste that “long, dark shadows had a dramatic effect.” “I only have a cell phone, and I got a photo that produces amazing visual effects even with the solar flare of the lens,” he said.

Photo by Mark Andre.

Mark Andre is a Washington, DC-based architectural designer and landscape photographer whose work can be seen on Instagram as @markalanandre. Andre said his career as an architect “has a great influence on the clear structure” of his photographs.

Photo by Fabio Myrrh.

Fabio Mirulla, or @fabiomirullaphotographer on Instagram, is a Tuscan-based wedding photographer and Canon Ambassador. “This photo is part of a wonderful wedding that I loved to take from the very beginning,” he said. PetaPixel.. “A great couple gives me the opportunity to experiment with one of my favorite things in my work. That’s what happened during this shoot, thanks to my great friends.” Mirulla said, Canon EOS R5. And I used 35mm f / 1.4L II to capture this image.

Photo by Tom Schlesinger.

Known as @tom_shlesinger on Instagram, Tom Shlesinger is an underwater photographer and marine ecologist (Ph.D.) who studies coral reef ecosystems. Schlesinger has been diving since the age of six and is fascinated by the diversity of marine life and its functions, behaviors, colors, shapes and patterns. This particular image, titled “Goliath of Lilliput,” shows Goliath Hata surrounded by cigar minnows. “To give a sense of movement, I used relatively long exposures to create motion blur and waited for Goliath to’appear’from school,” Schlesinger said.

“Decades ago, fishing in Florida was banned following a severe population decline in Atlantic Goliath grouper. Now there are new plans to allow that fishing, and hopefully such a decision. We will not endanger the future of groupers again. “

Photo by Damian Shield.

Damian Shields specializes in images of the landscape of his hometown of Scotland and can be found on Instagram as @damianshieldsdotcom.Shields tells the story of this photo “Lake Rusky” PetaPixel He was driving across the backstreets of the Trossachs area. “I became more and more obsessed with the thick fog that began to wrap around the land around me, especially the transition of the passing forest atmosphere conspiracy into another world scene. When I pulled the camera bag and grabbed it, I was small. Stepping on the shores of the lake, I spy on a sip of this gently curved pine branch soaked in the calm waters of the sea. Composed by a quiet pine standing tall in the receding fog. Was completed. “

When I’m not shooting landscapes, I’m the deputy image editor for The Herald & Times group in Glasgow.

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Image credit: All photos are used with the permission of their respective photographers.

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