Pink Flamingo Plant Co. offers community space for art, coffee and dining

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Pink Flamingo Plant Co. offers community space for art, coffee and dining

When Emmilee Price and her business partner Chase Howell bought their gated property at Pink Flamingo Plant Co. opened in 2020, they said they want to provide a community space where people can buy potted plants, pick up art-related gifts and enjoy the outdoors.

“It just immediately filled a need that I didn’t know existed in this part of town,” Price said.

Pink Flamingo Plant Co. sits on an acre of sprawling heritage trees behind a variety of businesses at McNeil Drive and Pond Springs Road.

Price and Howell both worked in retail and founded Pink Flamingo Plant Co. is their first business on their own. Price enjoys art and Howell likes to grow plants. They started with one tunnel greenhouse filled with a variety of indoor plants and a gift shop painted pink on the outside, and have since expanded to three greenhouses with a fourth under construction. The business partners are the owners of the premises and have assembled the others. businesses inside, including Taqueria Jessica, Neptune Coffee and the family-owned Chaba Kitchen. In addition, the business has a space that can be used for special events and monthly art bazaars.

“We’ve been patient as far as picking out the food trucks and just waiting for the right people,” Price said.

Inside Pink Flamingo Plant Co. artists’ work is displayed inside the gift shop. Terrariums, or plant canopies in a closed container propagated with foliage and moss, sit on the far right wall. The gift shop also carries jewelry and candles from Ella’s Apothecary and Adorn and Garnish, printed sculptures from Print Errors, ceramics from Full Spectrum Ceramics, lapel pins, key chains, gift cards and work from Object Lover, a print design artist.

“I have a billion ideas. Most of them are related to creativity in some way and I think ultimately this place is just kind of a product of me and Chase being ourselves,” Price said.

Price sees parents and children come on the weekends and others come in for lunch or just to sit with their computer.

“I see people come here and enjoy it, and immediately feel comfortable, like they’re at home here,” Price said. “A lot of people have definitely turned it into part of their life.”

Building the business

The business model for Pink Flamingo Plant Co. has four main parts.

Plants: The business sells tropical and potted plants for indoor and moderate outdoor temperatures.

Art: Inside the shop is work from local artists, which are regularly exchanged by the creators.

Events: Clients can rent out a space event space behind the greenhouses, and the space hosts monthly art markets.

Food Trucks: Chaba Kitchen, Taqueria Jessica and Neptune Coffee are the three curated food trucks that house the business.

Pink Flamingo Plant Co.

7221 McNeil Drive, Austin, TX 78729


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat.-Sun. 10:00-17:00


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