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A big gift. Art Patron Dimitris DaskalopoulosThe main force ARTnews The Top 200 Collector List has revealed that he will jointly donate 100 pieces from his precious collection of contemporary art. Guggenheim Museum With New York Museum of Contemporary Art ChicagoThe board on which he sits. ARTnews Editor-in-chief Sarah Douglas There is a story. There is no clear precedent for the decision to have two institutions share such a large amount of work. Guggenheim’s director, Richard Armstrong, Called it a “home run”.In addition, the work has been acquired by Daskalopoulos- David Hammons, Mike KelleyWhen Linda Bengris About 30 years or more — about 110 pieces Tate And 140 National Museum of Modern Art In Athens.

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Charity sale. Next month in Geneva Christie’s Offering 205 carat yellow diamonds sold via home in 1918 during World War I. British Red Cross And that Knights of St. John, Penta Report. Then today it’s worth about $ 780,000. This time around, we have a high estimate of $ 10.7 million. Part of the proceeds from the sale International Committee of the Red Cross , According to Christie’s.Meanwhile, art, awards, and other items owned by the deceased Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg Sold at an online auction by Potomac Company To make a profit Washington National Opera, Associated Press Report. It carries a high estimate of $ 80,000, Pablo Picasso plate.


Wall hanging Louise Bourgeois The spider will be the most expensive sculpture ever offered at an Asian auction. Sotheby’s We’ll bring it to the block later this month with an estimate of $ 15 to $ 20 million in Hong Kong.
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The Mattress factory Hired in Pittsburgh David Olesic Become an executive director. Oresick running Silver Eye Center for Photography It will be a substitute for in the city from 2014 Haley HaldemanAnnounced that he would resign at the end of last year. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

photographer Annie Leibovitz Shot during pregnancy Rihanna so Ritz Paris.. [Vogue]

Mako Komuro— The person who gave up the title of her Japanese empire, Mako KomuroMarried to the common people and moved to New York — reportedly Metropolitan Museum of Art As an unpaid intern at an exhibition of works by Okinawan artists Nobuyama Yamada (1885–1977). [Town & Country]

Work together Gagosian And the company (Red)Artist Ed Ruscha I made a limited edition scarf. The proceeds from the sale will benefit efforts to provide “fair access to COVID-19 bailouts in needy countries.” Rosemary Fighterberg Report.Bonus Item: (RED) Co-Founder Bono I dropped in at Ruscha’s studio. [WWD]

Brooklyn house at the dealer Audrey Rosesmith And photographers and designers Vicente MunozA person who gets married and goes out balcony Including magazines and art Virginia Green Reef Koch When Ernst Yohji Jäger.. [Clever/Architectural Digest]


One of the most quoteable people on the planet, Artists, collectors, and Baltimore Museum of Art Trustee John waters Said pitch (“An independent source of news and culture in Kansas City”) He likes Kansas, “it’s like a minimalist and beautiful work of art.” There is a new book in Waters, Liar Mouth: A Feel-Bad RomanceIt is “probably the crazyest thing I’ve written since Pink flamingo “The story of a woman stealing a suitcase at the airport. The human trailer is: Marshall sprinkles, suitcase thieves, disguise masters, scammers … kids and dogs hate her. What more do you want? It will be released next month. [The Pitch]

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