Pokemon Concept Artist Imagines Future Descendants of Modern Pokemon


Famous Pokemon concept artists imagine how Pokemon seeds will evolve after millions of years of natural selection. The Pokemon franchise is built on the concept of “evolution”. This means, in the Pokemon world, a sudden metabolic change that suddenly transforms a Pokemon into another more powerful species. The evolution of the Pokemon world is triggered by a variety of stimuli, from exposure to different types of items to strength enough to withstand sudden mass genetic rearrangements.

In recent years, Pokemon franchises have become more traditional, including the gradual adaptation of species to their environment by adopting a variety of characteristics that have been sharpened over generations of exposure to specific climates, food sources, or living conditions. I reconsidered the idea of ​​evolution.Local varieties Pokemon species were first introduced Pokemon Sun Moon, It shows that familiar Pokemon can adapt to radically different environments by adopting new typing and move sets. Arora’s Vulpix lives in a frigid climate, so it becomes ice-shaped, and Galarian’s Matadogas becomes poisonous / fairy-shaped after using a chimney-like filter to clean the polluted air in the industrial area. By introducing regional varieties, the Pokemon franchise has shown that the Pokemon can evolve in a traditional sense, and the spontaneous gene splicing seen in previous series.

A famous concept artist who recently worked on RJ Palmer. Detective Pikachu I introduced another view of the evolution of Pokemon, where the movie and its “realistic Pokemon” have become viral several times on the Internet. Palmer has debuted several Pokemon “descendants” that evolved from the popular Pokemon species millions of years later. Just as modern chickens are descendants of the evolution of dinosaurs, Palmer is an emperor star as a descendant of Tyrantrum, a gal booster like an airplane (descendant of Garchomp), and a setaseon like a whale (descendant of Vaporeon). I made my debut of concept art. See the concept art below.

While Palmer is playing the concept of evolution in his designs, it’s certainly possible that the Pokemon Company will one day visit this concept in the game. It goes without saying that there are several “fossil” Pokemon species, and we could not see the lost pockets of prehistoric Pokemon appearing in radically different ways today.

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