Polestar’s autonomous mobility design transforms between two modes for urban driving and the open road!

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Polestar Röna is a concept of autonomous mobility that switches between two modes: city driving and public roads.

Travel restrictions have suspended all of our wandering trends, but unrestrained travel ideas have never felt more exciting. Avoiding flying cars and commuting by jetpack closer than ever tomorrow, designers have envisioned a travel concept that redefines our idea of ​​what the future of mobility will be. rice field.

German designer Yida Li has provided a unique travel concept called Polestar Röna, an autonomous vehicle that transforms between the two modes according to different travel needs.

Li calls the first mode of Polestar Röna “Urban Mode”. In this mode, the car is in an upright and slim position, allowing you to move as compactly as possible on crowded streets. In urban mode, Polestar Röna accommodates two travelers, leaving ample space for luggage and ample foot space. Li also equipped the Polestar Röna with a modular build that allows other cars to be stacked on top of the cabin, creating a sort of vertical caterpillar for the Polestar Rönas.

In Polestar Röna’s “Adventure Mode,” Li rotated the vehicle 90 degrees, giving the car a ground clearance similar to the structure of a traditional sports car, allowing the driver to move freely at high speeds. In this mode, you can connect additional cars to Polestar Röna like a train cart.

Ideal for open country roads, Polestar Röna’s adventure mode is the perfect companion for long cross-country road trips. Li has also equipped the Polestar Röna driver with the option of autonomous or manual driving mode, optimizing freedom in the future of AI-controlled vehicles.

Designer: Yida Li

Following multiple ideas, Li settled on the final form of Polestar Röna.

After a period of sketching, Li developed a CAD model for Polestar Röna.

In adventure mode, Polestar Röna reveals a small ground clearance reminiscent of a sports car.

In both urban and adventure modes, Polestar Röna leaves plenty of space for your luggage.The design is Polestar Röna is the future of modular mobility.

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