Political cartoonist Cold War Steve: 2021 was a relentless year for material

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Cold War Steve, a cult internet artist, describes 2021 as a “relentless” year for caricatures.

The satirical Photoshop collage of his real name Christopher Spencer, Cold War Steve, is inspired by the Dutch Renaissance painters Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel the Elder to portray public figures on the stage of Distopia. Often participate in scandalous acts as a nod to real-world news.

Reflecting the political years of pandemics, resignations, and controversies, Spencer called 2021 “terrible,” but said that being able to create art was a healing process.

“There’s no end. I’m happy to have this outlet, otherwise I’d be angry,” he told PA news agency.

“It’s a relentless thing and I’ve doubled it. I know what I’m doing doesn’t make a difference to what’s happening at the top, but it feels me I think it’s better and others are the same. “

The artist’s 2021 work includes a depiction of a Christmas party at 10 Downing Street and people who have taken strict blockades side by side. Flirtatious.

Cold War Steve portrayed Downing Street staff celebrating at a Christmas party, while others were subject to strict blockade restrictions last December (Cold War Steve).

He produced the work after one of many similar claims in the political arena of 2021, after the allegation that staff number 10 broke the rules of the coronavirus at a celebration party last December.

“Matt Hancock and Dominic Cummings were totally incompetent. I think I took a break. After that, I got an image of the Christmas party in Downing Street when everyone was away from their loved ones. Mr. Spencer said.

“This is one way to handle what’s happening. That is, from anger to discouragement, the range of emotions about what’s happening. You can put it together in one image. (I) it. I’m trying to convey.

“The feedback I got is that it helps (people) feel that they are not the only ones feeling their way.”

Spencer described Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, and other conservative lawmakers standing in the sewers during the Cop26 Climate Summit (Cold War Steve).

Artists attended the Cop26 Climate Summit in Glasgow in October, with Boris Johnson, Interior Minister Priti Patel, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and other members of the Cabinet suggesting that the white cliffs of Dover behind the country sank. Sometimes I projected the appearance of standing underneath.

Spencer admits that some of his work can be “really unfriendly” and “troublesome,” often putting careless-looking politicians in the intensive care unit or in the downing street yard. I put a body bag on the lawn as a single piece.

However, he said his work was justified by the actions of politicians, adding: Until that much I had to do.

“There is always that period before you press send and release to the world, where your fingers may hover a bit. Some I correctly agree with that line of acceptance.”

Megan Markle is a portrayal of Cold War Steve (Cold War Steve), flocking to Rupert Murdoch, Piers Morgan, and other male journalists.

In February, Spencer dedicated an image to the victory of the Duchess of Sussex’s High Court’s privacy claim against the Mail on Sunday publisher over a “personal and private” letter to his divorced father. ..

This work shows the Duchess surrounded by male journalists while the Duke of York sits away from the group.

The artist talked about the nuances and details of his artwork, such as the avocado in front of Megan. Her “favorite avocado snack” is in favor of the British tabloid’s proposal to “promote human rights abuses, droughts and murders.”

“There are a lot of small symbolisms that people understand and (can) interpret themselves,” he said.

Spencer sees the reaction of more than 360,000 Twitter followers as part of the art itself.

“I want you to know that if (the artwork) is in the gallery, the width of the photo will be 2 meters and below that you will see a scroll screen of all the comments people wrote. It definitely improves that experience. “

Cold War Steve sent Boris Johnson’s head to the body of Louis XVI (Cold War Steve) in Photoshop

One of his recent works is when Tory’s back ventures Steve Baker and Andrew Bridgen approach a baseball bat and England’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitti, is tied to a chair. Shows that the head of the Prime Minister is overlaid on the body of King Louis XVI of France.

Both lawmakers were critical of Johnson’s Covid restrictions and were talked about when Baker removed Culture Secretary Nadindries from WhatsApp conversations after defending the Prime Minister with Sir Frost’s resignation.

“I like to have elements of humor, anger and grotesqueness, a kind of dark humor that conveys points in a more dramatic way,” Spencer added.

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