Pont des Arts and NFKings Team Up to Onboard the $350B Wine Industry Onto Web3

Pont des Arts and NFKings Team Up to Onboard the 0B Wine Industry Onto Web3

Quick take:

  • Pont des Arts and NFKings have teamed up to bring the $350 billion wine industry to Web3.
  • The luxury French wine and spirits maker wants to connect physical wines and vineyards with NFTs and the metaverse.
  • The MetaVineyard Club will connect wine and spirits producers and consumers through digital collectibles that enable monetization through an age-to-earn mechanism.

Pont des Arts and NFKings have teamed up to bring the wine industry to web3. Pont des Arts is an art-inspired luxury French wine and spirits maker that uses artwork from world-renowned artists such as Mondrian, Zao Wou-Ki, Miquel Barcelo and others to feature in its unique wine collections.

On the other hand, is a leading web3 and metaverse developer helping traditional brands transition to web3. The company is backed by some of the leading Web3 investors, including Binance and Vertex ventures.

Web3 is generally described as the next iteration of the Internet, in which companies use emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the blockchain, decentralized applications and AR & VR to build the metaverse.

The metaverse economy is powered by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fan tokens that act as licenses to access various communities.

Brands have taken advantage of the opportunity created by the NFT industry to optimize revenue generated from fan engagement, while also discovering more about their customers.

Pont des Arts and NFKings want to bring the same experience to the wine industry, albeit with an added twist.

According to the company’s announcement, the collaboration launched MetaVineyard Club, which will connect wine and spirits producers and consumers through digital collectibles, enabling them to monetize the aging of their favorite wines.

“Beyond just the hype of NFTs, Web3.0 and Metaverses, we see tremendous value in redefining wine collecting as a trendy, more accessible and fun activity. The launch of the MetaVineyard Club will drive this. It is a wonderful opportunity for people to learn, play, collect and discover the magical worlds of Art and Wine”, said Thibault Pontallier, Founder of Pont des Arts, and Emanuele Ascoli, CEO of Pont des Arts. said.

The companies have launched a curated collection of wine NFTs backed by wine and spirits from Pont des Arts.

Just as the physical wine gains value as it ages, the collaboration has adopted the AgeToEarn concept to the digital twin of the physically aged wines, which will also age on the blockchain, which select works of art from Pont des Arts famous artists such as Mondrian, Zao Wanted to reveal. -Ki, Miquel Barcelo, and others. Users will be allowed to use physical wine bottles that match their NFTs.

“Wine collecting just became more accessible. You don’t need a physical space to store your collection or expensive machinery for optimal aging conditions; you simply collect, store and age your wine digitally in the Web3.0 Metaverse. NFTs also provide more liquidity to wine collecting as an investment asset class.”, said Matthew, Founder and CEO of NFKings.

The MetaVineyeard Club will launch a special 1,888 Armagnac “Long Life” NFT auction in early September with a limited NFT collection debuting later at $125 per NFT.

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