Popular ways to style your home

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Popular ways to style your home

If it’s time for a home makeover, you might be at a loss for the trendy living spaces that are trending today.

According to a survey of interior designers by interior design firm 1stDibs, greens and blues, bold patterns and plants are the latest home styles.

Peacock blue, dark green and charcoal grey are popular colours for walls, says Lori Duncan, owner of Blue Fern Merchant, an interior design firm in Newnan. She added that light grey is outdated and considered a bit mundane.

Fashion colors are what interior designers call classics that never go out of style.

Duncan added that “wallpapers with bold, colorful, large fonts” are making a comeback.

Besides wallpaper, chevron wood wall treatments are also gaining popularity, according to Duncan.

However, Duncan says the lap wall treatment is being phased out because it’s overdone.

When it comes to pillows, Duncan suggests a variety of colors and textures.

“All the different types of pillows are great, and they can be different textures and colors in the space. It doesn’t have to be white and neutral,” she says. “Color makes people happy.”

Not everything has to match, Duncan said. A room doesn’t need to be cohesive in terms of texture, color, and style, but the different parts all need to make sense together.

“It’s boring to match. You can have different styles in one space. Not everything needs to be traditional or modern. You can mix your pieces with all the different eras,” she says. “But it needs to make sense. It needs to work well together… It needs to feel like it’s meant to go together.”

For furniture, Duncan says camel leather, green velvet, terracotta and peacock blue are popular colors.

Velvet, linen and leather are also great upholstery fabrics.

Bucket and swivel chairs are popular pieces of furniture, Duncan says, as are mid-century modern upholstered chairs.

Just like the textures of pillows and wallpaper, the textures of furniture can be mixed and matched. Duncan recommends mixing multiple textures in a space so that wood and metal furniture can occupy a room.

“Not everything needs to be wood. You need multiple textures. Everything that has the same look and feel can be boring,” she said.

Smaller ornaments and plants can add life and character to a space.

Ornaments that look dated or used—what Duncan calls them go-to ornaments—always look great.

These items can include heirlooms, items from real estate sales and thrift stores, or items purchased while traveling.

Adding some greenery to a room is an easy way to freshen up a room. Indoor plants are popular right now, and while live plants are the best, if you must use artificial plants, there are some good fakes out there, Duncan said.

“Plants make you happy,” she said. “They make the space look fresh and clean.”

The way a room is lit is an important part of the decor and a great way to make a statement.

Brass or black lamps are popular, according to Duncan.

She said that if the room is large, then it should have large lighting. They might even be a little oversized as they end up making a statement, and they might light up a space better than smaller lights.

The light fixtures can be of any style, Duncan says.

“They can be different, so a little more modern, a little more retro, or a little more eclectic,” she said. “Try something new and different that might be outside your comfort zone, not far away.”

In addition to lighting, Duncan says pairing lights on a nightstand is a great way to create symmetry in a bedroom.

For the bedroom, Duncan recommends a light-colored rug with cowhide on top, or a light-colored vintage Persian rug. A blanket and a few pillows in the bedroom are also highly recommended.

“Pillows are huge for a bedroom. Men hate pillows; women love pillows,” she said. “The more pillows the better.”

At the end of the day, Duncan says, you shouldn’t always follow trends, because if a space is too trendy, you might not like it in a few years.

Instead, you should decorate your home in a way that will keep you happy for a long time, so its style and decor should reflect what you like.

“It’s okay to be different, but it has to make sense,” she said. “Your house is your home and it needs to make you happy.”

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