Premium Interior Upgrades Are Always Worth the Money and Effort

Premium Interior Upgrades Are Always Worth the Money and Effort

I’ve always argued that one of the most important ways to upgrade a car’s interior and exterior is to follow the OEM Plus method. I’m not going to attach flashy angel eyes to the Bimmers headlights or clip plastic tacos to the kidney grille. What I’m working on is picking a bit of exterior and interior from a well-equipped model and optional factory accessories catalog. These parts always fit, look good in most cases, and make a noticeable difference in feel.

Even the most basic OEM Plus upgrades, especially when it comes to interiors, make such a difference, especially when it comes to touch points such as steering wheels, shifters and pedals. Recently, I searched BMW’s Performance Accessories Catalog to find out what can be done to easily clean the tired interior of the E82128i.

Amazingly good availability

A peruse of the OEM BMW Parts Supplier online reveals that there is still sufficient inventory of new, upgraded interior parts. Unfortunately, there is much less than searching for “BMW sick parts” on eBay. Do not do so because of God’s love. Steering wheels, shift knobs, shift boots, pedals, steering wheel trim plates, etc. are available not only on eBay but also on dedicated parts sites. In fact, some retailers offer OEM steering wheels that have been readjusted or upgraded to a refined look. This is definitely a mod on my radar in the future. As you may know from my decision to replace it with a UK M Sport seat, I believe some of the best mods are factory upgrades.

One of the reasons for this high inventory is that many parts can be replaced very easily between platforms, especially between the E8X1 series and the E9X3 series. BMW (well, I think it’s a supplier) wants to captivate the interior of the 1er and make the ride a little more special, while slightly imitating cool things like the BMW Concept 1 Series tii and 1M. Made some really cool parts. No need to add neon LEDs.

Get PayPal login information, 1 Series BMW Performance Alcantara Shift Boots (BMW 25-11-0-435-848), BMW Performance Shift Knobs (BMW 25-11-0-429-269), and E8X BMW Alcantara Steering Wheel trim insert (BMW 32-30-0-430-403). As a great bonus, the sportiness of these parts matches very well with the driver’s seat of the recently installed new E81M Sport.

Easy installation, instantly improved feel

Left: Old handle trim piece, Right: New handle trim piece. You can see how the old work was worn down and muddy.

Replacing the heavier metal shift knobs with the more flashy shift boots was really easy. Carefully pop both factory parts to remove the clips and snap in new parts. The added weight of the shift knob gives the gear a tighter mesh and a premium, higher quality feel than the factory faux leather unit. Alcantara boots (obviously) do not improve gear meshing, but they look more premium and feel as good as any other Alcantara-covered surface. Especially because the new knob is small.

Installing the handle trim piece took some time, but the process was also very easy. Initially, I got the impression that much of the surface of the airbag was underneath the airbag, so I had to remove and replace the airbag. But the YouTube video assured me that this wasn’t necessary. Within 10 minutes, I installed the battery without disconnecting the negative cable. It was possible to fire an accidentally controlled explosive at the face and have to reset the dash clock while firing from the explosive. just kidding. The airbag was probably okay, but it’s a menacing part to handle.

We found that the new trim pieces were significantly upgraded over the old ones, mainly because the paint on the old ones came off and appeared to be quite worn when all the wheels were buttoned. New pieces like shift boots look really good and feel good while holding the wheels at 9 and 3.

Frequently spent money

We can discuss the most effective way to spend money on vehicle upgrades all day long, but I think high quality and classy interior parts are definitely in the top three alongside alignment and suspension modifications. .. In particular, the OEM Plus upgrade, or the part that looks like an OEM upgrade, seems to have been introduced by Editor-at-large Andrew Collins to the Nissan 300zx. You see them most often behind the handle, they give the interior a more upscale look and feel, and they can even slightly improve performance. The important thing is the little things, and if you exchange some little things together, it will improve quickly.

What is your experience with OEM upgrades in car interiors? Share some deep car geeks in the comments!


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